T-250 Testosterone Booster Review

T-250 Testosterone Booster – Whats The Fuss All About?

61KFj+xXFPL._SL1500_High in Amazons top selling list a natural badge-not-rec-onlytestosterone booster called T-250…. made by Bioscience Labs it is sold as an all-round testosterone booster that promises to help both the older man who is suffering the effects of low testosterone, plus also younger men who want to increase their results in the gym.

It also claims that it can help reduce body fat.

The Formula In T-250

This is where it gets interesting.. the ingredients are listed on Amazon as:

  • T-Bolic
  • T-Power
  • T-Stim

WTF ??

This tells us nothing….

Further investigation has revealed that the product does indeed contain undisclosed amounts of fenugreek which can ( when taken in the correct quantities) help boost testosterone, plus 75mg of caffeine.. It ask contains a number of undisclosed amino acids..

So We Are Virtually Completely In The Dark With This One…

Taking T-250

The dose is 2 capsules a day

Users Feedback

There are the usual glowing reviews on Amazon, but we are sure that we have seen these reviewers names elsewhere too, so we really have to take these positive ones with a certain degree of suspicion… there are also a hell of a lot of poor reviews like the examples below:

( courtesy of Amazon)


Any Reported Side Effects

With such a high dose of caffeine per dose, it could cause restlessness, the shakes and problems sleeping, especially if you are intolerant to stimulants.

Where To Buy

Amazon seems to be the main outlet – currently on sale for $19.99 ( with a recommended selling price of $99.99!!) – seems to good to be true this one

There are 60 days supply in each bottle

Any Guarantees

None Provided

Our Thoughts

Quite how any manufacturer can sell a product without disclosing whats in the formula astounds us… what shocks us even more is that people would actually buy it…..

Our research has revealed that T-250 does include Fenugreek so it could offer some benefits, but not knowing the actual dosage in the mix is a problem, there is every chance that the amount is so small that it will not have any effect whatsoever.

Putting Caffeine in the mix could raise your metabolism somewhat, and this can sometimes result in increased bodyfat being burnt, but also be aware of the adverse effects that it could cause.

Overall, we believe that this product offers very little benefit to anybody.. there are many, repeat many products out there that do provide much better benefits and results.

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