Could Boosting Testosterone Improve Your Immunity?

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The Effects Of Testosterone On Your Immune System

The current global threat posed by the recent virus outbreak has made most of us think long and hard about our health and quite possibly our immunity to infections and disease.

For those with immune deficiency, especially those who are suffering from autoimmune disease such as Rheumatism, Crohns disease, Diabetes, Lupus and Psoriasis (just 5 examples) it can drastically increase the risk of becoming infected.

There has been a number of studies that have looked into the how our hormones effect our immune system, and it has been discovered that women are more at risk of developing autoimmune problems.

The reason for this is Testosterone – With men having up to 10 times more testosterone than women, its one of the key reasons why men are generally less likely to develop low immunity than women.

“That is, unless they let their testosterone levels drop….”

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Autoimmune Diseases and Low Immunity

When your immunity drops, particularly when you develop an autoimmune disease, the immune system in your body creates antibodies that go out attack your own cells and body tissue.

Virtually all autoimmune diseases effect women more than men, largely ( it has been proven) down to their naturally higher levels of testosterone. 

It has been proven ( study article here) that there is a direct link between the male sex hormone testosterone and the protection against autoimmune disease. Men with normal testosterone levels are generally better equipped to deal with these diseases than women who have around 10% of the testosterone found in men

This difference between men and women is particularly highlighted in cases of lupus, nine out of ten cases effected with lupus are women.

Just Why And How Does Testosterone Help Immunity?

Studies have shown that Testosterone reduces the number of ‘B’cells, a type of lymphocyte that is responsible for the release and distribution of harmful antibodies that attack our own cells.

These studies haven’t actually helped scientists understand the action and connection between testosterone and these B cells, but they have proven that one exists.

Numerous tests and studies involving mice and rats, and the blood tests taken from 128 male test subjects concluded that the common bond is a protein BAFF which helps to improve the viability of the B cells.

The scientist responsible for the trials (Åsa Tivesten – professor of medicine at Sahlgrenska Academy) told us:

“We have concluded that testosterone suppresses BAFF. If you eliminate testosterone, you get more BAFF and thereby more B cells in the spleen because they survive to a greater extent. Recognition of the link between testosterone and BAFF is completely new. No one has reported this in the past,”

These studies have given experts a ways to help combat lupus and other autoimmune diseases, given that BAFF can be linked to these diseases, treating with BAFF inhibitors results have given mixed results so far.

Should I be Boosting My Testosterone Levels?

testosterone decline with age

In the younger, man, if your testosterone levels are high ( as they should be in your teens and twenties), then boosting your testosterone will probably have no effect, there are some arguments that too much testosterone can have the opposite effect and reduce immunity. 

However If you are an older male over 40 years old, then the answer is an emphatic YES, most of us experience a natural reduction in testosterone production as we get older ( testosterone production starts to reduce by 1-2% per year from the age of 30)

“One particular mineral that is responsible for a healthy immune system is Zinc, this is often found to be lacking in men as they get older, studies have shown that those with a reduce immune system generally are zinc deficient, it’s a key compound in many natural testosterone boosters.”

As this natural age related reduction takes hold, we start to experience fatigue, reduced muscle tone, energy and strength.

Most men also notice a reduction in sex drive and erection strength. with this reduction, our immune system is not as powerful and we can also start to suffer from autoimmune diseases such as diabetes etc.

If you can boost your testosterone production your body will generally respond with an improved immune system – It will not protect you from all diseases and viruses, especially the latest global outbreak, but it will give your body a healthy boost and a solid fighting chance of beating any infection .

Boosting Testosterone – Your Choices

If you have low testosterone and want to improve it, you have two options. First off your doctor might prescribe a course of drug based Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), this involves putting synthetic testosterone into your body to make up the shortfall in the hormone. 

This can be given in a number of forms – pills, patches, gels, creams and injections can all be specified by your doctor.

While drug based treatments are generally effective and can provide some good results, they have been linked to some rather nasty side effects. 

In the US there have been hundreds of lawsuits brought to the courts by men who have (as a direct result of using drug based testosterone treatments ) suffered strokes and heart attacks.  

They claim that the manufacturers of these drugs, knew about the risks, but did not advise either the public or the medical community.

There have been a number of very high compensation claims paid, but the majority are still being heard.

With the risks linked to drug based testosterone therapies, more and more men are turning to natural testosterone boosters to help reverse the shortfall of their most masculine hormone.

A natural T-booster works in a different way to drug based treatments, instead of forcing synthetic (man made) testosterone into the body that can cause these problems, it uses natural compounds that work at hormonal level to promote the natural production of your own genetic testosterone.

As the testosterone being produced by your body is your own natural generic hormone, it’s far less likely to cause any adverse reactions or side effects.

What Testosterone Booster Should I Choose?

There are literally thousands of products out there, some relatively worthless and others well formulated that provide some great results.

If I had to choose one product over all others it would be Prime Male, its a very well thought out, quality T-booster that provides some great results.

It uses proven natural ingredients including a powerful dose of zinc, and is also sold with a lengthy cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should you not be blown away by the results .

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