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Regain Your Youthful Libido With Prime Male Enhance

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Reduced libido can affect any man of any age for a variety of reasons – in the older man its often a sign of reduced testosterone production which can have a detrimental effect on his sex drive and ability to become erect and sustain it long enough to have enjoyable sex. 

Younger men can also experience issues with libido, sometimes its something as simple as being tired, stressed, having had too much to drink or even nerves when sleeping with a new partner.

Prime Male is already a worldwide sensation for its purpose made testosterone booster, it has helped tens of thousands of men globally who have been experiencing the effects of age related testosterone decline. 

The original product was highly effective at boosting mens sex drive, along with reversing the other effects of low testosterone.

Now although the original Prime Male was highly effective, the makers have gone further with their new product Prime Male Enhance

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What Is Prime Male Enhance?

Prime Male Enhance is a purpose developed natural supplement designed to enhance and restore male sex drive, arousal, response and performance.

Using the latest clinical research on male sexual performance, Prime Male Enhance is designed to boost your libido and virility in three ways:

Its nutrients work to boost blood flow and improve sperm quality to provide longer lasting, visibly larger erections along with more powerful orgasms

It fuels your sex drive, and enhances arousal, giving you a more youthful appetite for sex

By boosting moods and well being, you feel and look more confident, increasing attractiveness.

Prime Male Enhance will work for any man regardless of age, in the short time its been available it has already been called the “relationship saver.”

Originally developed to work alongside the original Prime Male supplement to enhance and boost the results from taking the testosterone booster, Prime Male Enhance is a stand-alone product in its own right and will deliver noticeable improvements in your sexual responses and stimulate your appetite for sex.

How Does Prime Male Enhance Work?

The team at Prime Male worked hard to develop this amazing libido booster, after studying scores of clinical trial and study documents, they have put together an amazing mix of 10 key ingredients that provide some distinct benefits

The Ingredients Are:

Ginseng – A proven aphrodisiac food in the far east, proven to have a number of positive benefits for me, its active compound being ginsenoside, its good at treating impotence and sexual dysfunction.

Maca Root – Only found in the Andes region of Peru, studies have shown that Maca can boost sexual desire, boost energy and reduce recovery times

Oat Straw – We all know the benefits of Oats on the heart, but a little known effect of Oats is their ability to help increase sexual awareness and heightened orgasms

Tribulus Terrestris – Traditional herbal extract used to treat reduced sexual desire, its proven to help increase libido and sexual activity

Selenium – Sourced from oysters, Selenium is a proven aphrodisiac compound, it also helps to protect sperm from cellular damage caused by everyday toxins

Damiana – Traditional remedy from the Americas, traditionally used as an aphrodisiac for hundreds of years.

Muria Puama – Commonly refers to as ‘erection root’ . Studies have shown that taking this in supplement form can provide a dynamic effect on libido and erection with over 62% of test subjects reporting noticeable benefits.

Saw Palmetto – Taken from a south American palm, it works to suppress a testosterone killing enzyme, with more testosterone naturally available, sex drive is noticeably increased.

L-Arginine – A key amino acid known for its ability to increase the production of nitric oxide which naturally relaxes and dilates the blood vessels longing for stronger blood flow to the penis, boosting erection strength and longevity

B Vitamins – B12 and B6 are two crucial B Vitamins that work together to boost energy and reduce tiredness.

Zinc – Another key mineral that is essential for fertility and boosting not only sex drive, but immunity too.

How To Take Prime Male Enhance

The daily serving is 4 capsules – you can safely take Prime Male Enhance alongside the main Prime Male supplement and most other natural supplements.

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Any Reported Side Effects?

There have been no reports of any adverse reactions from user of Prime Male Enhance

Where To Buy Prime Male Enhance

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Buyers can order Prime Male Enhance direct from the official website, the makers ship globally on a daily basis.

A bottle contains 120 capsules – (sufficient for a 30 day supply) will cost you $65.00 (£37.00)

There are some great deals to be had when buying 2 or more bottles – our vote for best buy is the 3 bottle supply, for $195.00  (£111.00) you get three bottles plus another bottle completely FREE

Final Thoughts

Prime Male Enhance is an amazingly well thought product, it tackles the elephant in the room, the problem that most men do not want to talk about – That is erection problems and poor performance in the bedroom.

Its all natural formula delivers some great results with no adverse effects thats more the cash back guarantee simply highlights the manufacturers belief in their product and their desire for customer satisfaction.

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