How To Use A Vacuum Pump To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Vacuum Pumps – Boost Your Erections Without Pills

Low Testosterone Can Cause Erection Problems

One of the first things that any man with low testosterone will experience is a feeling of weakness, fatigue and a reduced ability to get and keep a solid erection.

It’s frustrating and upsetting for both the man and his partner with feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment commonplace.

Want the good news? You can treat erection problems without taking pills.

“The Answer – A Penis Vacuum Pump”

What is a Penis Vacuum Pump?

A penis pump is not an instrument of torture – far from it… It is a medically proven way of boosting blood flow into the penis, and improving erection size, strength and longevity.

A Penis pump is cylindrical device that is fitted with a bellows or hand pump that is placed over the penis. The air inside the cylinder is then drawn out to produce a vacuum inside the device.

Once under the pressure of a vacuum, blood is drawn into the penis causing it to become hard and erect.

It’s a simple process, but has been proven to be a very effective way of quickly producing an erection that is hard enough, and stable enough to enable the man to have sexual intercourse.

Types of Penis Pumps

There are many makes of penis pump available

There are 2 basic types of penis vacuum pumps, those that rely on air, and those that use water to produce the results.

Air pumps are the simplest type of vacuum pump,  placed over the penis a few pumps will take the air out and subject the penis to the vacuum that produces the blood flow.

Vacuum air pumps do have a few risks associated with them, the main one being that the penis is unsupported while inside and it is possible for it to twist or bend under the pressure – in many cases this is harmless, but there have been cases of injury being caused .

The other type of pump is the hydro or water based vacuum pump. These are designed to be used on the both or shower. Filled with warm water they are placed over the penis and then the device is pumped to expel some of the water and any trapped air to produce a vacuum inside the device.

Just like the air pumps, the vacuum draws blood into the penis to produce a solid erection.

The difference is that when inside a hydro pump that is filled with warm water, the penis is supported and protected by the water, the warmth of the water also helps to relax the blood vessels within the penis, which actually helps the tissues within the penis to absorb even more blood resulting in a visibly larger and harder erection.

At first the increases in size usually last for about an hour, but in time, with regular daily use, you can achieve permanent increases in penis length. Just as a bodybuilder exercises his muscles and in time they grow, the same will happen to your penis. As it is stretched with the increased blood flow, the internal cells are placed under pressure, gradually they can separate and duplicate ( a process called cellular duplication) to ultimately produce increased mass to the penis.

Hydro pumps are generally considered to provide better, and safer results than air based devices.

Can You Recommend A Penis Pump?

There are many pumps out there for sale both online and in some specialist stores. 

Of all pumps out there, I can totally recommend the range of products made by a company called Bathmate.

Bathmate are the worlds best selling hydro pumps, available globally, they have a comprehensive range of products in 11 different sizes – these ensure that there is a device suitable for all men, regardless of budget and penis sizes.

Originally released some 12 years ago, the original device was called the Hercules which set the benchmark for vacuum penis devices. 

Jump forward to today and their range has  been tweaked, redesigned and developed and now offer a full range of devices and accessories for the most demanding of all men.

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The Bathmate Product Range

Bathmate Penis Pumps

There are three models in the Bathmate range. The entry level device is the Bathmate Hydro – the updated version of the original Hercules pump.

Suitable for men with penises measuring between 5 and 7” when erect, its penis pumping at its most basic. Its affordable and it really works, it is suitable for anybody wanting to to try a penis pump without breaking the bank.  It is however lacking some of the comfort and other refinements of the better models in the range, and it is supplied on its own with no accessories provided, ( These are available to buy however at additional cost).

You can choose from three colours, red, blue and clear

The middle range product – and the most popular pump globally is the Bathmate Hydromax.

Slightly more expensive than the entry level Hydro, it is available in a choice of 5 sizes to suit men ranging from 2” right up to 9” when erect. There is also a model (called the wide boy) specially designed for those with a thicker than normal penis.

The Hydromax Range

With an improved bellows pump that is made from surgical grade silicone rubber, it provides 35% more pressure that the Hydro. It is also supplied with a comfort pad fitting that makes wearing the device for longer periods of time more comfortable.

The chamber of the device also rotates on the bellows, allowing the size gauge to remain visible while in use ( The chamber in the Hydro is fixed and cannot be rotated)

The Top Of The Range Model is the Bathmate HydroXtreme.

Providing all the benefits of the Hydromax, it is also fitted with an additional handball pump which helps to produce even more pressure and allows for easy topping up of pressure while in use.. It is available in a range of sizes that suit all men measuring from 2” right up to approaching 11” when erect.

Each HydroXtreme is also supplied with useful accessories that are extra with the other models. This includes a hard shell case, cleaning kit, shower strap and extra comfort rings.

Bathmate HydroXtreme range

Choosing Your Device

The first thing you need to so is to measure your penis – its important that you get the right device for your size so you need to be honest!, you need to have room to grow, but having a device that is too large is a waste of your money and will not be as effective.

Using flexible tape measure, hold the end of the tape up against your pubic bone and measure to the tip of your erect penis. You also need to check the girth and this is done by measuring around the penis at its thickest point ( usually near the base).

Once you have your measurements, you can choose the right device to suit you and your budget.

Worldwide Shipping

Bathmate is shipped in discreet packaging

The makers of Bathmate have over 20 distribution centres situated across the world, regardless of where you live in the world, your order will be shipped quickly, securely and most importantly discreetly, with all orders being shipped in plain unmarked packaging.

Where To Buy Your Bathmate Device

You can buy Bathmate devices from a number of sources, BUT BEWARE there are also some very good copycat devices that are made from weaker, non medical grade materials. 

For this reason only I would suggest that you buy direct from the official Bathmate website, not only are you issued of getting the genuine product, you will also have the protection of the makers 60 day cash back guarantee.  

If you use the device as recommended for 60 days and do not see any improvements in erections or penile size, you can return the device for a full refund.

Final Thoughts

If you have low testosterone and are finding that as direct result your erections are weak or non existent, then a penis pump like Bathmate could be the answer to your problems.

They are the market leaders for good reason, build quality is great, and user feedback globally is conclusive – Bathmate is the fastest way of boosting your erection strength and power without pills.

You Can Find Out More At The Official Bathmate Website – Click Here

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