Health Canada – Increased Heart Risk With Testosterone Therapy

(Last Updated On: July 16, 2014)

Canadians Warned About Testosterone Therapy Heart Risk

Canadian Press July 15th 2014

health_canada_logo_copy_5Toronto based Health Canada, has issued a warning to both doctors and patients about the potential for increased risk of life threatening conditions, such as strokes, and heart attacks.

A recent study found ever increasing amount of evidence that suggests that using prescription testosterone therapy could pose an increased risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

The report continues with a warning to patients that they should only use these forms of prescription treatments if they have been medically diagnosed with hypogonadism and also if they have no history of cardiovascular disease or any related problems. Doctors have also been advised to carefully assess and monitor patients while on the therapy.

In Canada, currently there are 12 prescription treatments available.. these include, Delatestryl, Androgel,. Androderm and Testim – currently at least two of these products are the subject of numerous well publicised law suits over the border in the USA, with claimants telling the courts that the manufacturers of Testim and Androgel knew about the risk of heart attacks but failed to fully disclose the said risk to both the doctors and patients alike..

The lawsuit’s continue..

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