Treatment Options

What Are My Options For Treatment?

Ok.. So you have seen your doctor and after an in depth consultation and a blood test have been diagnosed with low Testosterone levels.

So what are your options regarding treatment? your Doctor will no doubt recommend one form or another.

For your information, we have examined the most common methods of treating low Testosterone and have highlighted both the good and the potentially bad points in all of them..

Low Testosterone Treatments

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Becoming ever increasingly popular – and with good reason.… a good naturally 285x285_Testosterone_Supplements_Slide_4formulated Testosterone boosting supplement will provide the same benefits and effects as prescription drugs, but without the risk of unpleasant, even potentially dangerous side effects.. They are also without a doubt cheaper than drug based remedies and can usually be obtained without prescription.

The only thing to ensure is that you choose a supplement with a proven ingredient profile, there are many products available that use ingredients that are untested and do your homework before buying..

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Testosterone Patchesg-hlt-110805-patch-3p.grid-6x2

One of the most common forms of treating Low T is the transdermal patch – a small sticking plaster that is impregnated with testosterone… When attached to the skin it will gradually pass the hormone through the skin and into the blood stream…

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Testosterone Injectionsinjections

Another common form of treatment, and often the most costliest. Testosterone is injected into the muscle, where it is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream.

Testosterone Injection therapy needs constant monitoring on a regular basis, just to ensure that your testosterone levels are responding correctly.

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Testosterone Gelstestosterone_gel

One of the most popular treatment options, testosterone gels are easy to use and can be quite effective, they are however, not without their risks and also have a unique problem in that they can cause side effects in other people around you..

Recent lawsuits have also highlighted the possible health risks of using testosterone gel.

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Testosterone PelletsPELELTS-IN-HAND1

Often used for longer term treatments, testosterone pellets are the most invasive form of any prescription testosterone treatment, requiring surgical implantation under the skin, they do however free the user from having to remember to apply gel each day, or to change a patch.

As an added benefit, they do not contain the same risks of secondary exposure as testosterone gels.

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 Testosterone Pillstestosterone-therapy-fb

Not so popular these days and relatively expensive… prescription testosterone pills are available in different kinds, those that you conventionally swallow, those that dissolve under your tongue and others that are placed behind your top lip to dissolve against your gums.

Can be prone to additional stomach based side effects…

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Testosterone Creamstestosterone-cream-side-effects-800x800

Similar in makeup and with similar exposure risks to testosterone gels, creams offer another topical, non invasive option for boosting testosterone levels.

Most doctors prefer other options, but these treatments are available if taking pills or injections are not suitable.

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