Zinc As A Testosterone Boosting Supplement

(Last Updated On: January 28, 2019)

Can Zinc Really Help Boost Testosterone

Zinc is one of the essential 24 micronutrients essential for our survival,

It is commonly found in some food stuffs that includes most meats ( particularly red meats like Beef), eggs, beans and pulses and in particularly OysterszincZinc has many uses in the body.

It helps to maintain healthy hormonal and immune systems healthy and functioning correctly. Zinc can be an effective aromatase inhibitor, helping to lower or reduce estrogen levels in males.

It is easily lost from the body in athletes and bodybuilders, especially when they exercise as it is passed out of the body as they sweat..

This makes it an essential vitamin to be included in any supplementation that they take.

Taking Zinc As A Supplement

Zinc can be taken either as a low dose ( to reduce deficiency in regular adults) at between 5-10mg per day. In cases of severe deficiency ( especially in athletes or those with diabetes for example) can take up to 45mg daily.

In extreme cases of deficiency you can also ‘superload’ zinc over a short term with daily doses of up to 100mg for no more than 2 months.

Also when choosing a testosterone supplement with Zinc, we strongly recommend picking one that uses Zinc Citrate as this is a better, more powerful type which is absorbed and works better in the body

Its Beneficial Effects

Zinc has wide reaching benefits.

When taken in conjunction with low testosterone levels for instance, it has shown some marked improvements in testosterone levels after taking for 2 weeks..

In those with normal testosterone levels, its effects are more limited.

It is also essential for improving semen production and sexual response.

Other health benefits of Zinc supplementation include

  • Treating cases of depression and Mood disorders
  • Boosting Appetite
  • Reduce the effects of ADHD in children
  • Reduce symptoms of OCD
  • Improved memory and Cognitive function
  • Reduce Cholesterol LDL
  • Boost Cardiovascular health
  • Speed recovery from pneumonia

Taking Zinc To Boost Testosterone

The natural levels of Zinc in the body are positively linked with the levels of serum testosterone in the body, it can help convert lipids and cholesterol precursors into sex hormones (including testosterone) in the testes, helping to boost libido and sexual response.

Studies looking at the effect of Zinc on testosterone production have shown that taking 250mg of zinc sulphate for 6 weeks improved testosterone levels by 84%

Source – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20446777

zinc oyster testosteroneRecommended Sources of Zinc

The most powerful source is from Oysters, these contain the largest naturally occurring amounts of Zinc of any food stuffs ( 5 x more than the finest red beef)

Eating oysters is one way to maximise this valuable mineral, but for many who find eating oysters unpalatable, there are fortunately some excellent sources of oyster extract to be found in supplement form..

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