Your Health And Low Testosterone

 Low Testosterone And Its Effects On Your Health

Doctors have carried out many studies into the effects and links between low testosterone and your general health..

Low testosterone has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity.. while it DOES NOT cause these conditions, its links and associations do make interesting reading.

If My Testosterone Levels Are Low, Do I Have Poor Health?obesity-and-brain-function-e1350262232964

In recent years, the links between low testosterone and certain health problems have been determined.. One recent study concluded that in 2,100 men aged 45 and over, the odds of having low or reduced testosterone levels were:

  • 1.8 times higher in men suffering with high blood pressure
  • 2.1 times higher in men suffering with diabetes
  • 2.4 times higher in men who are obese.

There is no evidence that low testosterone actually causes these problems, in fact, it could well itself be caused by suffering with one or more of these problems.


Low testosterone and obesity are very closely linked, those men who are considered obese are very likely to have decreased testosterone levels, the opposite applies too, if you become obese, there is every chance that your testosterone levels will reduce as a direct result.

Increased fat cells within the body generally tend to change testosterone into oestrogen, this has a direct result of lowering testosterone levels. It also reduces natural levels of the sex hormone binding globulin SHBG, this is a natural protein that carries testosterone in the blood.. Reduced SHBG generally means reduced testosterone in the body.

Exercising can help boost testosterone levels, men who are overweight can also reduce their body fat even further by using a testosterone boosting supplement.


There is a well established link between low T and diabetes, men with diabetes are commonly diagnosed with low testosterone levels, it also works the other way in that men who suffer from reduced testosterone levels are likely to develop diabetes.

diabetesTestosterone helps the body’s tissues to take on more blood sugar in response to insulin, men suffering with low testosterone tend to have an increased insulin resistance, which means that they need to produce increased amounts of insulin to help maintain normal blood sugar levels.

It has been shown that around 50% of men with diabetes have low T levels.. it has not actually been determined whether low testosterone causes diabetes or the other way round.. Short term studies have indicated that testosterone boosting supplements may help improve blood sugar levels and reduce obesity in men suffering with low testosterone.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition that includes certain health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. It has also been linked to increased chances of strokes and cardiac arrest

Studies have shown that men suffering with low testosterone are quite likely to develop metabolic syndrome, these same studies have also shown that testosterone supplementation can help reduce the chance of this developing.

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