Why Women Need Testosterone Too

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2019)

Why Women Need Testosterone Too

Testosterone is the male sex hormone. Most people know that. It plays an important role in sperm production and is necessary for a healthy sex drive. 

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A lot of people know that too, but there’s much more to testosterone than the average person thinks. It’s also necessary for red blood cell production, helps maintain muscle mass and strength, and also encourages the body to burn its stores of fat. 

In fact, adequate testosterone levels are vitally important for a man’s health and well-being. The other thing not many people realize is—and this could come as a shocker—women need testosterone too!

Differences Between the Birds and the Bees

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As far as testosterone goes, the big difference between men and women is the amount of testosterone their bodies produce. 

Obviously, men need more testosterone than women. It is the male sex hormone, after all, so men tend to have testosterone levels that are around 10-15 times higher than women. 

The bodies of men also produce a small amount of the female sex hormone estrogen, and in a typical role reversal kind of way,  women have 10-15 times more estrogen than men.

Men produce most of their testosterone via the leydig cells located in the testes. They also produce lesser amounts in their adrenal glands. 

Women produce testosterone via their adrenal glands as well, but the majority of the testosterone present in a woman’s body is produced in her ovaries. 

However, the biggest part of the testosterone produced in the ovaries gets converted to the female sex hormone, oestradiol (the main estrogen found in women).

One of the biggest reasons men tend to be more muscular than women and can make muscle size and strength gains so much faster is due to the fact they are blessed with higher testosterone levels. 

Even though women have lower testosterone levels than men do, they still need an adequate supply of the male sex hormone in their bodies.

For all the same reasons men do. Any woman whose body becomes unusually low in testosterone will find it very hard to even manage to maintain the muscle mass she’s already attained. 

Her bone mass will suffer too, because, like men, women need testosterone to maintain healthy bone mass as well.

How and Why Female Testosterone Levels Drop

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Testosterone production rates diminish with age. 

This is a problem shared by both sexes. But women have less muscle and bone mass than men do from day one. So, when testosterone levels start to drop, the impact can from a biological point of view be more dramatic for women than it is for men.  

So, any woman who can successfully maintain her normal testosterone levels as she ages will enjoy a happier, healthier and, hopefully, longer life.

Unfortunately, diminished testosterone is a problem that affects many younger women as well. Whether they are aware of it or not, because the endocrine-disrupting pseudo-hormones provided by their birth control pills reduce their levels of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). 

This has the job of transporting the sex hormones through the blood so, although using “the pill” can be a good way to avoid unwanted pregnancies, by taking this all too common course of action women also risk a premature reduction in muscle and bone mass.

Some More Reasons Why Women Need Testosterone

Women have testosterone receptors all over their bodies, including the brain, arteries, and reproductive organs. 

They are there for a reason and are necessary for a number of different biological processes. These include sexual desire and—here’s another shocker—women who are lacking in testosterone may be unable to attain an orgasm. 

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So, although the effects of reduced testosterone levels may be more visually apparent for a man (Erectile dysfunction for intstance) women can have it just as bad.

Reasonable testosterone levels also need to be maintained to help support a healthy state of mind.  

Testosterone is necessary for a number of cognitive abilities and offers protection against feelings of depression. 

Many women who are low in testosterone can experience feelings of sadness and anxiety that later develop into depression and, like men, women who have low testosterone levels are more prone to feelings of exhaustion and fatigue. 

By the age of 40, the testosterone levels in a woman are often half what they were when she was 20-years-old.

Talk about a mid-life crisis!

So, although testosterone is unquestionably the male sex hormone. Women rely on it for their health and happiness as well. On a biological level, there appears to be somewhat of an equality of the sexes after all.

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