Water And Testosterone – How Much Should You Be Drinking?

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Water And Testosterone – How Much Should You Be Drinking?

The Link Between Hydration And Testosterone Levels

For the majority of us, we all take water for granted, its perpetually present in our homes, and to be honest, the majority of us don’t take a moment to fully appreciate its value and importance to our mind and body.

Most people do not drink enough water on a daily basis… the fact is that if we actually feel thirsty, we are already on the way to dehydration. This is particularly common in people who exercise, with another fact being that its more likely to be a man who gets dehydrated rather than a woman.

“Did You Know That Water Has A Direct Affect On Both Testosterone And The Stress Hormone Cortisol?”

Before you even start taking any t-boosting supplement, you MUST make sure that you are drinking enough water… The reason for this are quite surprising:

Mild hydration has been shown to raise levels of the stress hormone Cortisol… this has a direct testosterone suppressing effect – there are studies to prove this fact..

One study carried out in 2008 followed test subjects while they completed three identical exercise routines while in varied hydration states…(a) Fully Hydrated, (b) mildly de-hydrated (2.5% of body mass) and (c) Very Hydrated (5% of body mass).

The results were conclusive with the final results showing a defined increase in cortisol in the hydrated groups along with a comparable decline in Testosterone levels

Read The Study Here – 

It has also been shown in various studies that dehydration can also restrict the production of Growth Hormone

Read Study 1 –

Read Study 2 –


Although the general guideline is 8 glasses of approx 8oz of water per day, the true amount is actually linked to your weight and the amount you exercise ( if at all)..


Firstly, take your weight and then multiply by 67%…. as an example, if you weigh 175lbs you should be drinking at least 117oz of water per day… if you are a keen gym goer or exercise regularly, then you need to add another 12oz of water for every 30 minutes of exercise you do..

Don’t Find Water Appetising?

It doesn’t have to plain old boring water.. add some cucumber, or maybe some lemon or lime, or drink sparkling water sometimes just to vary your intake….

Finally try and filter your water, just to remove some of the chemicals  (in particular Chorine and Fluoride) commonly found in it…

Just remember to drink lots of water and enjoy your increased testosterone levels!

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