Want More Testosterone? Get More Sleep

Sleep And Testosterone  

Every 30 minutes More Sleep Can Mean Up To 15% More Testosterone

We live in a mentally stimulating world.. with smartphones, iPads, Facebook and Instagram, we are being seduced by everything electronic for each and every waking hour…

So when you go to bed and decide to check your Facebook page “just one more time”, you are depriving your self of what is one of the most natural way of boosting Testosterone..

Man in bed sleeping peacefully with a pillow

Effective testosterone production has a foundation made up of three things – diet, exercise and sleep…and it is the latter that is ultimately the most crucial..

The Reason Why Sleep Is Key

Testosterone levels tend tho follow your natural (circadian) rhythm… they usually peak when you wake and gradually deplete as the day progresses… Testosterone production is usually at its peak during the REM stage of sleep.. during this stage, your brain signals the endocrine system to start producing ample levels of testosterone – usually enough to get you through the waking day ( probably another reason for morning wood – 🙂 )

There have been studies that prove this affect.. one study ( click here to read more) –  studied a group of men immediately after they woke from various lengths of sleep..

The group who slept around 4 hours were found to have testosterone levels of between 200-300 ng/dl.. the group of men who slept for up to 8 hours had far higher levels at around 600 ng/dl


A second study ( click here to read more) –  looked at a group of 531 healthy men… they compared the length of sleep they had against their testosterone levels.. the results were similar to the first study in that men who only slept for around 4-5 hours had up to 60% less testosterone than the men who slept between 7-9 hours.

Increasing Your Sleep Time

Not so easy, as its very easy to form sleep habits that last a lifetime, but experts recommend trying some of these suggestions, as they seem to be rather effective..

  • Sleep in Total Darkness ( any ambient light can disturb the body’s release of the sleep hormone melatonin)
  • Sleep in a cool room – preferably naked
  • Turn off all electronic gadgets – yes that means your smartphones and Ipads!!
  • Take some exercise during the day – even a 30 minute walk is sufficient..
  • Eat some simple carbs 1-2 hours before going to bed… this will send your insulin soaring at first, boosting energy temporarily, but this will be quickly followed by an insulin crash which will help you fall asleep more easier..


Its quite simple really – Get more sleep and make more testosterone naturally – Its actually that easy…..