Viasil Review

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2020)

Viasil Review : Best Pill For Erectile Dysfunction

viasil review

By the time you reach your mid thirties its almost certain that you will start to experience the effects of reduced testosterone production. 

These effects can manifest in a number of ways, most common signs include reduced muscle tone, mass and strength, some guys start to put on extra body fat, others start to experience reduced sleep patterns, and mood changes.

The most common effect of reduced testosterone is a noticeable reduction in libido and sexual responses such as weak or non existent erections (aka erectile dysfunction). 

Sufferers can really struggle to gain an erection, and if they can, the resulting erections are often short lived, leading to an inability to have sex, or last long enough to reach climax.

Erectile Dysfunction

In the US alone, there are approximately 30 million men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) – for many it is the result of reduced testosterone production. The problem is not limited to the US, it is truly global with many men across the world experiencing similar problems.

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They struggle to get an erection. If they can manage one, it doesn’t last long enough which can lead to disappointment, embarrassment and frustration.

Now ED is not just limited to men with low Testosterone – most of us have had a similar problem from time to time (wether we want to admit it or not) – Maybe too much to drink, or feeling tired or stressed after a hectic day at work – Also being with a new partner for the first time can be a nerve racking experience which can result in ED.

For those with a permanent problem it can be a really serious problem, more than one man has over time, committed suicide over the problem and long term ED has also been linked to increased risks of cardiovascular problems.

There most common cause of ED is a reduction in blood flow, in particularly in men as they start to get older.

The key to treating the problem is to increase and strengthen the blood flow. This is the main effect of prescription drugs including Cialis, Levitra and Viagra.

They help to relax and dilate blood vessels, increase nitric oxide levels which in turn increases the level of blood flow into the penis. This enables harder, longer lasting erections.

Now to get these drug based treatments, you need to see your doctor, an embarrassing situation at the best of times – they have to examine you and make sure that you are suitable before prescribing one of these drugs. 

Doctors have to be careful who they issue these drugs too, as they are fraught with side effects, and therefore are not suitable for all men.

The Natural Option

Now there can be a variety of reasons why you are suffering with ED, but if it is blood flow (which is by far the most common cause) its relatively easy to cure the problem with a natural supplement.

Viasil ED Treatment.

viasil capsules

Viasil is an all natural treatment for ED. Made by reputable supplement manufacturers Swiss Research Labs, it is an all natural sexual performance enhancer that stops ED by boosting blood flow, providing firmer, longer lasting erections.

Viasil is cleverly developed and guaranteed to work

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How Does Viasil Work?

Performance and blood flow are linked to 2 energy systems in the body – ATP and ADP. They both play a key role in ensuring sufficient blood flow along with oxygen and other essential nutrients gets to all areas of the body.

It boost the natural levels of nitric oxide which helps to relax and open up the blood vessels, to allow a greater supply of blood to flow around the body – in particular the penis where it helps to generate harder erections and boost sexual performance.


  • Harnesses and boosts natural ATP energy reserves in the body.
  • Raises endurance and energy, providing the power and drive to perform for longer.
  • Increases erection power and longevity by boosting blood flow into the penis.

Whats in The Formula Of Viasil?

viasil formula

The formula contains 7 ingredients, in a largely disclosed formula. 

two of the ingredients are grouped together in a 700mg proprietary blend called Actiful® – these are Citrus Sinensis and Pomegranate

The other ingredients in the mix are:

  • Horny Goad Weed ( Epimedium) 1000mg
  • Gingko Biloba 240mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 300mg
  • Panax Ginseng 400mg
  • Zinc 1.5mg

The Actiful® blend comprises:


Often referred to as ‘natural viagra’ for its proven antioxidant effects and its ability to boost nitric oxide levels in the body. It is also a proven testosterone booster and can help reduce body fat levels.

Citrus Sinensis

Helps to boost cellular energy levels, also very high in antioxidants that reduce the effects of every day toxins called free radicals that cause cellular damage.

The Other Ingredients:

Gingko Biloba  

The oldest tree known to man, dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. High in anti oxidants and also helps to promote the release of Nitric oxide, boosting blood flow, erections and sexual desire. 

Also excellent at fighting the effects of the stress hormone cortisol, a known testosterone killer, and also commonly responsible for erection problems.

Tribulus Terrestris

Known to boost help libido and sexual responses. also thought to regulate cholesterol and help to guard against diabetes, both extremely harmful to testosterone production.

Panax Ginseng

Traditional herbal extract commonly used in natural medicines to help boost performance in athletes and reduce stress.

Horny Goat Weed

High in a natural compound called Iacarrin. This reduces a protein called PDE5 that is thought to restrain blood flow. This helps boost erection strength, arousal and circulation. Thought to help increase testosterone production too.


Proven mineral that is essential for optimum fertility, known to boost semen production, sperm motility as well as boosting cellular recovery and function.

viasil capsules

Directions For Taking Viasil

The recommended dose is one capsule approx 30 minutes before sexual activity. The effects are quick to work and lasts for several hours.

My Personal Experiences With Viasil

As a 58 year old man, I too have had my issues with libido in recent years.

It’s not that I wasn’t interested in sex – I sure was, it was just that my ‘chap’ down there often had other ideas about when to perform and when not too.

Unfortunately it was more often than not that he decided not to play the game, which left me in no mans land really – I wanted to have sex, my wife knew that I wanted to, but on many occasions, just couldn’t.

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She was really understanding but it certainly made feel bad about myself, and frustrated beyond belief.

I am always on the look out for anything natural that can help with health issues, and a close friend told me about Viasil – a natural alternative to pills like Viagra.

I liked the fact that I could try it without getting involved with the doctor, also that it was all natural and safe.

I ordered a box of 10 capsules, and feeling a bit anxious about it all, took one of the blue capsules just before going to bed.

I am not sure what I expected but after about 25 minutes I started to feel a bit tingly ‘down there’

Without going into what are very personal details, the resulting erection (which lasted for ages) and the subsequent sex was amazing – the best we had had for several years.

I have now gotten through the remaining 9 capsules, and have enjoyed every minute of taking them.. I have just re-ordered the 3 box package.

Look I know that what works for one, may not work for all, and there maybe a placebo effect involved too, but I can tell you for sure, taking Viasil has made a huge difference to our sex life at home, and I will ALWAYS make sure that I have some in my bedside drawer.

Here I Show You The Box And Capsules

I love it and recommend that you to try it!

Other Users Feedback

Independent feedback is a little hard to come by, which is not surprising really, after all its not something that most men would openly want to talk about.

Those that were happy to talk openly about their problem told us that the benefits gained from taking Viasil surpassed their expectations, with dramatic increases in energy and erection strength, potency and longevity. 

Their sex lives have been transformed and now feel confident about their performance between the sheets. 

Long lasting erections, improved orgasms and sustained staying power have all been reported.

Sample Feedback:

viasil testimonials

Buying Viasil

You can buy Viasil direct from the manufactures without the need for a doctors prescription or consultation. 

Simply head to the official website (click here) where you can place your order, with swift, discreet shipping to addresses worldwide.

A box containing 10 capsules will cost you $74.99*

There are some savings to be had when you order two or more boxes – for instance, buying 3 boxes will cost you $149.99 and you will also enjoy FREE worldwide shipping.

You can choose to pay in your desired currency – simply select from the drop down box –  US $, CAD, AUD, £ and €.


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Satisfaction Or Your Money Back

All orders are shipped with a 60 day cash back guarantee, this assures you of a refund should after taking as directed you are unhappy with the results. (Read terms and conditions for more details on the official website)


Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction go hand in hand.

Men effected by the problem can feel inadequate, embarrassed, and in some cases worthless.

If you are one of those men, you can stop worrying, help is here in the form of Viasil, its all natural formula will help kickstart your sex drive and performance.

Its 100% natural, completely safe, and whats more it doesn’t cause any of the side effects linked to viagra and similar erection drugs.

Bottom Line – You Got To Try It!

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