Ultimate Health Labs 3 Stack HP Testo Boost Review

We Check Out Ultimate Health Labs 3 Stack HP Testo Boost 

Top Seller On Amazon, But Does Ultimate Health Labs 3 Stack HP Testo Boost Really Work?

Ultimate Health Labs make a natural testosterone boosting supplement called 3 Stackbadge-not-rec-only 81lRPIkey5L._SL1500_HP Testo Boost .

One of the better sellers on Amazon, we have taken an in-depth look into this supplement to see if does actually deliver on its claims.

The product promises to deliver More Energy, More Strength and (to quote the manufacturer) More Love… It contains (according to the manufacturers) 3 of the most potent and clinically proven testosterone boosters in one product.

Whats In The Formula:

A good start, we discovered that al the ingredients and their amounts are fully disclosed, at least we all know what we are taking with this one..

Each serving (3 capsules) contains the following:

  • Tribulus Terrestris 800mg
  • Feungreek 600mg
  • L-Arginie 300mg
  • Coleus Forskohlii 125mg
  • Milk Thistle 120mg
  • Tongkat Ali 100mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg
  • Horny Goat Weed 1oomg
  • Ginseng 100mg
  • Black Pepper 15mg

Taking 3 Stack HP Testo Boost .81N5ie2HMAL._SL1500_

The suggested dose is 3 capsules a day

Users Feedback

Independent reviews on Amazon are largely positive.. looking elsewhere its harder to find any reviews, and as with any reviews taken from just one source, it’s not always easy to identify those that are factual and those that are possibly manufactured.. Taking the Amazon reviews into account, the feedback is, it has to be said, pretty good, with users reporting some good results.

Any Reported Side Effects?

None Reported on Amazon

Where To Buy

Amazon appears to be the main stockist, but it is available from a few other online retailers.. expect to pay between $39.99 and $70 for 90 capsules ( 30 day supply)

Any Guarantees

The manufacturers talk about a cash back guarantee on Amazon, but there is no instantly available information on how long the guarantee is for, or its conditions..

Our Thoughts

Ok, with reviews from just one source,we prefer to make up our own mind when ascertaining just how good a product is or could be….and we do this by taking a good look at the formula..

The formula is based largely around the effects of Tribulus Terrestris… it is the main ingredient in the mix…

The Solid, Clinical, indisputable facts surrounding Tribulus is that in numerous clinical tests and trials it has failed on all counts to provide any noticeable increase in testosterone production.. the only benefit that it offers men really is its ability to help boost libido and erectile function. Obviously if this is your only concern, then this could well have some benefits.

More About Tribulus Terrestris

Fenugreek on the other hand, does have some proven testosterone hosting abilities.

More About Fenugreek

Coleus has only demonstrated some T-Boosting abilities in obese men only…anybody who is fit and of average weight does not tend to see any benefits even if they have low testosterone levels

More About Coleus

Horny Goat Weed, very much like Tribulus only has proven to have libido boosting abilities.. clinical tests looking at its testosterone boosting effects have failed to record any benefits.

More About Horny Goat Weed

Tongkat Ali – tests have shown it’s only effective in severe cases of extreme hypogonadism.. It is however, illegal in some countries – the UK being a prime example

More About Tongkat Ali

To Sum Up

Overall, there are some proven ingredients in the mix, but a large part of the formula does appear to be geared largely towards libido and not the other effects of low testosterone…. if you’re only issue is low sex drive, then this could well help…. otherwise we do suggest looking for a more all round supplement that targets all the issues surrounding Low Testosterone

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