Turmeric and Testosterone

Turmeric and Testosterone

A key component in our favourite meal, but can Turmeric really boost testosterone levels?

Turmeric is a golden yellow spice commonly used in our favourite dishes – curries

Cited by many health experts as a superfood, Turmeric is packed with many healthy anti-oxidants that give us a whole wealth of health benefits….

What is only just now coming to light is that Turmeric is actually a pretty powerful Turmerictestosterone boosting compound… It’s highly anti-estrogenic which is why it is used very successfully by women as an anti breast cancer treatment…

The revered journal ‘The Journal Of Applied Bio Medicine’ goes further and claims that Turmeric could actually be very effective against gynecomastia ( man boobs) – something that can occur when testosterone levels dip and estrogen levels rise.


There have been quite a few studies on the testosterone boosting possibilities of Turmeric, One study reported in the Journal Of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology looked at a trial carried on Wistar rats… now although this particular trial wasn’t a human one, these rats share a very identical endocrine system with us men and therefore the results are usually very similar.

The study showed that the Rats who eat Curcumin – an element found in Turmeric experienced a staggering increase in serum testosterone of 257%… aside from this, their sperm motility, quality and quantity increased dramatically….

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Another study – this one actually carried out on human subjects found that 500mg of Turmeric boosted the levels of HDL Cholesterol ( the good stuff) by 29%… the good point about this ( aside from the obvious health benefits) is that HDL is a key precursor to testosterone production

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A third study held in China confirmed that Turmeric is highly anti estrogenic – something that again helps to bolster testosterone levels by reducing levels of its arch enemy – estrogen

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Taking Turmeric offers many health benefits ( aside from promoting testosterone production) and should definitely be included in your daily supplementation or food intake

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