Tribulus Terrestris Could Help Reverse Depression Caused By Low Testosterone Levels

New Report Tells Us That Tribulus Could Have Some Low Testosterone Benefits

 27th May 2014

SBwire reports today of a new study recently published that having reduced testosterone levels can, in some men cause clinical depression.

the-superb-matchmakers-movie-posterThe research study ‘The effects of Tribulus Terrestris Saponins On The `behaviour Of Elderly Men’ showed that approx 30% of men over 50 had reduced testosterone levels, of these, many were showing the signs of discontentment and depression.

Reduced testosterone levels can cause mood disorders, in particular the reduction of seratonin ( aka the feel good hormone) which in turn can reflect in our moods, sleep quality and of course generate cases of depression.

Doctors have recognised that supplements containing tribulus terrestris can have a positive effect on seratonin levels, helping to lift the mood and therefore alleviate symptoms of depression.

The doctor behind the study – a Dr Zang D, specialist in traditional Chinese medicine told us

“Low testosterone levels chiefly caused clinical depression problems in 3 out of 10 elderly men. Testosterone is essential in the prevention of complications such as mood swings, irritability, and decreased libido for sex. However, a dose of Tribulus Terrestris supplement in the span of six weeks yielded positive results on the situation of the elderly. Tribulus Terrestris significantly increased the testosterone levels on the respondents over the span of the clinical trial.”

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Tribulus Terrestris is a popular ingredient found in many testosterone boosting depression_lsupplements..

The truth is that overall, it in many clinical trials, it has actually failed to provide any recognised testosterone boosting properties,

That said, it can have a positive effect on libido and if the studies carried out by Dr Zang are found to be reliable, it could also help boost mood and help men suffering with depression.

On these points, it does seem that there could be a place for Tribulus Terrestris in testosterone boosters, just not in the way that many manufacturers claim.

More About Tribulus Terrestris As A Testosterone Booster

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