Timeless Botanicals Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) Review

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Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) Review : Clinically Proven T-Booster and Aphrodisiac?

I am always on the look out for any new product or ingredient that shows promise as a testosterone booster. 

mulondo mondial whitei reviews

In an already saturated marketplace packed with thousands of products out there, ( sadly with many that offer little or no results), Its always refreshing to find a company who has carried out some solid clinical research and based on their findings, have formulated a product that actually delivers some good results.

“Today I believe that I have found just that…”

US based Timeless Botanicals have ignored the usual ingredients found in so many products and after a lengthy period of research and development have harnessed the proven power of a little known African herbal extract called Mondia Whitei (AKA Mulondo) to deliver what scientific studies are showing to be a highly potent libido and testosterone booster.

The product is called Timeless Botanicals Mondia Whitei.

Native to tropical parts of Africa, it has been used for hundreds of years in tribal medicines to help boost cases of poor libido, infertility, and erectile dysfunction. 

Found to be potent energy and focus booster too, clinical studies have proven that it works by elevating testosterone production significantly, with studies also recording improvements in sperm motility.

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Whats In Timeless Botanicals Mondia Whitei 

The formula is simple – each daily serving contains just 600mg of Mulondo (Mondia Whitei)

The company is known for its safe, natural ethics, they do not use any filler products, additives or colorants. The ingredients contained within the capsule are pure, and natural.

mulondo mondial whitei bottle

How To Take Timeless Botanicals Mondia Whitei 

The suggested dose is 2 x 300mg capsules daily with a meal and glass of water. You can increase the dose up to 4 capsules per day if required, but I suggest sticking with the standard dose, especially at first.

“My Personal Find Of The Decade!”

What Do Users Say?

Independent feedback from an ever-growing number of global users is now available, there are now a large number of testimonials from men who have tried this amazing herbal extract.

The results speak from themselves, with encouraging reports of noticeably improved erection strength, sexual response and performance, alongside visible improvements in muscle tone and size.

Its effects go further that that too, studies have shown that it can also help to regulate blood pressure too:

mulondo user testimonials

All the Clinical studies that I have read agree however that this is a potent T-booster with noticeable improvements in muscle tone, libido, sexual desire and responses being reported by test subjects.

mulondo mondial whitei pills

Are There Any Reported Side Effects?

There are no reports of anything adverse anywhere

Were To Buy Timeless Botanicals Mondia Whitei

Currently you can only buy direct from the official website ( timelessbotanicals.com)

A bottle containing a 28 day supply will cost you $59.99. 

You can buy 2 bottles for $109.99 (a saving of $ 10.98).

Its not clear however if the makers do offer any return /refund policy.

My Final Thoughts

WOW! I don’t think that I have ever read so many studies that are virtually 100% positive about an ingredient. 

Research scientists all agree that Timeless Botanicals Mulondo (Mondia Whitei) is a revelation in the testosterone boosting world. 

It has shown an amazing effect on libido, energy and testosterone boosting. 

I am sure that it will not be long before its appearing in many other products out there. 

My advice – Give it a go!! Scientific evidence backs up its claims as a fantastic libido and testosterone booster, It is safe, 100% natural and will not cause any adverse side effects.

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