TestRush Testosterone Booster For Men Review

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

TestRush Testosterone Booster For Men Review

Will You Feel The Testosterone Rush?

This testosterone booster keeps things natural, and on paper combines some seriously potent natural ingredients like Longjack, Panax and Zinc to supercharge testosterone levels, boosting mood, libido, energy and if you work out – overall prowess in the gym and muscle-building stakes.


TestRush works in a targeted way by releasing free testosterone, all while using acombination of natural herbs to produce anabolic effects to further free up and produce testosterone

But is natural really best when it comes to maintaining healthy T levels? Let’s find out…

TestRush’s Formula

TestRush’s formula is grouped together in an undisclosed proprietary blend.. we know what it contains, just not how much of any particular ingredient

  • Eurycoma longifoli
  • Fo-ti root
  • Ashwagandha
  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Shilajit
  • Panax ginseng
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus
  • Zinc oxide

Directions for Use

The manufacturer recommends taking one TestRush serving in the morning and a second in the early afternoon – both with 8- 12oz of water.

User Feedback

Feedback from people who have tried this supplement is almost unanimously positive **.

Huge increases in energy levels, libido and sexual performance are all repeatedly mentioned by happy users. Many people say their performance in the gym and sporting field has improved immeasurably, enabling people to get much more out of exercise.

Better sleep, improved moods and an overall feeling of wellbeing are all repeatedly mentioned.

On the downside, there are quite a few verified reviews from users that failed to see any difference whatsoever

** It’s worth highlighting, however, that the vast majority of these reviews are by people who were given the product for free or at reduced price in return for their opinion, so things might not be as clear cut as they seem.

sample recent reviews courtesy of amazon.com


Where to buy TestRush

You can pick up this T booster directly from the manufacturer at VHNutrition.com, or it can also be found at Amazon.com. it costs $34.99 for 60 capsules.

Cash Back Guarantees/Return Policy

Good news – VH Nutrition offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for 30 days on products purchased from its site – you do need to read the small print however….. Amazon does not offer any such guarantees….

Our Thoughts

Its hard to look past reviews when so many are positive, but the fact are that many, if not all of the positive reviews are from users who clearly advertise that they were given the product free or at reduced price in return for a positive review… We have tried to ignore this marketing hype and instead have taken a good look at the formula itself, as its the key to any products effectiveness and success..

It certainly contains a few proven ingredients… Zinc is essential at boosting testosterone and it has great effect when improving libido and sexual performance.. the same can be said for Panax Ginseng and Eurycoma.. both these compounds are well known for their ability to help boost energy and sex drive… Ashwagandha is the tricky one here…. studies do show that it can help boost testosterone ( alongside Shilajit) but it does have a reputation for causing painful burning and/or itching to the penis in some users….

More About Ashwagandha

That painful side effect aside….Without knowing the precise amount of each ingredient in the mix, its impossible to know if there is simply enough of anything in each serving for it to have the desired effect… looking at more independent reviews tells us that it probably doesn’t..

Missing many of the more proven and safe testosterone boosting ingredients… we suggest that you look elsewhere..

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

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