Testosterone Treatments Prescribed When Not Needed

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Study Tells Us That Testosterone Often Prescribed When Not Required

 April 1st 2014

The New York Legal Examiner has today reported information on study that has revealed more concerns on the prescription of testosterone replacement therapy… Other news reports have highlighted the recent lawsuits surrounding the use of testosterone gels Unknownsuch as Testim and Androgel and the facts that they are believed to have caused heart attacks in users.

Recent research has discovered that, on the back of increased TV advertising, that an ever increasing amount of men had been prescribed testosterone therapy.

Looking at 55,000 men who had all received testosterone replacement therapy, the study showed that the men over 65 years old had the risk of them developing a heart attack doubled, men younger than 65 (who already had a history of heart issues) were almost three times likely to suffer a heart attack.

The study concluded that many of these men should not have been prescribed testosterone treatments.

In the US where testing for low testosterone is at its highest rate ever, the annual prescriptions for testosterone treatments has now reached 430 million – surpassing Viagra sales..

Elsewhere, the problem is not yet as severe, the UK has showed an increase in men being tested for low T, which has in turn increased cases of low T being diagnosed, it is however in the US however where the problem is most concerning.

The general feeling of the study is that doctors should be more aware of the risks and carefully consider these before prescribing them to their patients.

The FDA is now following through and enforcing its guidelines regarding the correct labelling of such treatments, so far the risk of heart attacks is (rather surprisingly) not listed on any product labels

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