Testosterone Pellets

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Uses, Effects And Drawbacks Of Testosterone Pellets

Low testosterone has a detrimental effect on a mans general well being.

It can cause reduced sex drive, poor muscle tone and decreased strength, he can become more anxious, argumentative and can gain body fat especially around the stomach area.


Men naturally lose testosterone with age.

From the age of 30, it is quite usual for their testosterone production to reduce by around 1% a year.

Around 20% of men suffer from extremely reduced testosterone levels; a medical condition known as hypogonadism.

Doctors can prescribe a varied range of treatments to offset the problem caused by low T…

One of these options are Testosterone Pellets

What Are Testosterone Pellets

Pellets are small, hard cylindrical pellets usually measuring about 3mm x 9mm.

They contain crystalline testosterone that is gradually released into the blood stream.

Using Testosterone Pellets

Pellets are implanted under the surface of the skin ( usually near the hip).

Its a relatively simple process, something that most doctors will carry out in their surgery.

The pellets break down very slowly, delivering testosterone into the blood stream over varying periods of usually between 3 and 6 months.


The implantation of pellets under the skin may sound rather scary, but in truth is a simple procedure that takes around 10 minutes.

The skin is cleaned and then injected with a local anaesthetic, once this has taken effect, a small incision is made.

The tiny testosterone pellets are then placed under the skin using an instrument called a Trocar… up to 10 pellets can be implanted at one time.

Risks Of Implantation

In a very few cases, the pellets can be rejected by the body or an infection can occur..

When rejected the pellets are forced out of the skin – something that can affect around 8.3% of all users.

Drawbacks Of Testosterone Pellets

Aside from the risk of infection and rejection, any changes to the dose of testosterone being delivered is difficult to perform.

This will require another procedure to add to or remove the pellets currently in position.

Many doctors recommend that you try creams or patches first to determine the correct level and dosage of testosterone therapy that your body requires..once this has been determined, you are then usually suitable for testosterone pellet implantation.


Any testosterone replacement therapy can provide health risks, it is important therefore to seek a doctors consultation and thorough diagnosis before undergoing treatment.

Testosterone pellets are generally a long term treatment, their use often means numerous visits to the doctor and are usually more expensive than other options..

They do however offer men freedom from the daily administration of the medicine and the risks of taking incorrect doses.

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