Testosterone Levels By Age

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2018)

Testosterone Levels By Age

The Effects Of Getting Older On Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the ultimate male hormone.. it’s what helps to give you your muscles, your facial and body hair, your sex drive and literally everything else associated with being a man.

At its peak through puberty and into our twenties, by the time we hit 30 and beyond, for most men, the levels start to reduce naturally – experts tell us by between 1-2% a year.

Normal Testosterone Levels


Not every man has the same amount of testosterone in their body.. this could well explain why some men are more hairy, more muscular or simply more aggressive than others.

Taking an overall average across the board.. the normal level of testosterone in the blood of most men is somewhere in the range of 300-1000ng/ml.

When levels drop below 300ng/ml, the man in question is then said to have low testosterone which can, if left unchecked have some detrimental effects on his well being and everyday life in general.

With the age related decline, it is Free Testosterone ( the type not bound in the blood to SHBG – sex hormone binding globulin) that declines the quickest… when compared to total testosterone in the blood that can see a 30% reduction over time, it is free testosterone that can reduce by up to 50% between the ages of 25 and 70.

The medical term for this dramatic decline is hypogonadism  

The Table below shows the average testosterone levels in men as they age from 25 up to 100 years old


Problems Caused By Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone is linked with some rather unpleasant changes in the body.. the first things that men will usually notice is a reduction in energy, strength, muscle tone and sex drive plus an increase in body fat.. on a more serious note, men with low testosterone are (according to research) more at risk of cardiovascular problems, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

Treatment Of Low T

If Low T is diagnosed, most doctors will usually offer their patients TRT (Testosterone replacement Therapy) although highly effective, there is currently a general concern with these drug based treatments, as they have been linked to some potentially harmful side effects – some even life threatening like heart attack and strokes, currently there are hundreds of lawsuit being filed in the US from men who have suffered these health problems after using drug based TRT.


Because of these well documented risks, many men are now looking at alternative ways of boosting testosterone.

One being the use of a good natural testosterone boosting supplement.

A well formulated natural Testosterone booster works by encouraging the body to make more of its own natural testosterone ( unlike drug based therapies that put foreign or synthetic testosterone into your body)

As the resulting increase in hormone is your own genetic testosterone, your body is naturally programmed to accept it and will not react badly to it.

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