Testosterone Levels and Calorie Intake

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Testosterone Levels and Calorie Intake

Did Your Christmas Or Thanksgiving Dinner Reduce Your Testosterone Levels?

We have all done it…. overindulged in food and drink during the festive holidays… now feeling sluggish and overweight, our thoughts are turning to our new year resolutions, and one thing that is certainly in most peoples thoughts is our desire to lose weight and get back in shape for the coming year…

With a lot of men (on average) putting on between 7 and 14lbs over the festive break its little wonder that we are all feeling slightly jaded, fatigued and of course heavier..

Now it’s not just our outward appearance that is affected by this seasonable excess…. the problem can go right down to our endocrine system….

As we put on excess fat, its increased mass increases aromatase enzyme activity which basically means that more free testosterone in your body is converted into estrogen…. and more estrogen can in turn lead to reduced libido, less energy, loss of muscle tone and believe it or not, the formation of more body fat –

A never ending circle of events that can ultimately really play havoc with your body, your health and ultimately your enjoyment of life..

How To Lose Weight And Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Calories are king here… you simply cannot lose weight without being calorie deficient ( in simple terms, burning more calories than you take on board), its also a scientific fact that if you want to build muscle tissue, you also need to be calorie deficient…

To quote the law of thermodynamics here :

  • Carbs will not make you fat – Overeating does
  • Fat doesn’t make you fat, Overeating does
  • Protein Doesn’t make you fat – yes you guessed it – Overeating does…..

The Importance of Calorific Intake On Testosterone Production

Being on a diet is notoriously bad for testosterone production… the fewer calories you eat, the bigger drop in testosterone.. the reason why this happens is actually really simple…..

When the body doesn’t receive enough calories, it shuts down systems that it doesn’t need for basic survival.. the reproductive system being one of them…

There is a catch 22 here however…. if you are overweight being on a slight calorific deficit can actually increase testosterone…as we said above, excess body fat increases estrogen production by converting any spare testosterone into estrogen….. by reducing calories and as a direct result, reducing body fat, the aromatase activity reduces leaving more testosterone unconverted

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Another Study –

In a nut shell, by eating fewer calories than you need, your body level of testosterone might reduce slightly, but the reduction of body fat ( a direct result of eating less) will reduce the aromatase effects, leaving more testosterone in place… the facts are that the two effects will balance out and your testosterone levels will not actually change that much..

Guys with very low body fat around 5% ( bodybuilders and athletes for example) can often have poor testosterone levels ( (low-fat, low-carb high-protein diet + exercise + metabolic slowdown = low testosterone)…

Eat Less – Move More Thats The Secret

The key is, (and scientific research backs this up) after you have reached your weight loss goals, stop being calorie deficient, eat what your body needs (but no more) and you will usually find that your testosterone production will bounce back to normal quite quickly…

Read Scientific report here – 

The aim here ( to maximise your health and your testosterone production) is to get to 8-12% body fat…. once you are at this level, make sure you eat enough for what your body needs, but do not overeat.. that way you will retain your body fat %, your shape, weight and your hormonal system will function correctly…..

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