Testosterone Lawsuit Website launched by Top Law Firm

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

New Testosterone Lawsuit Website

 PR Web Newswire April 19th 2014

Testosterone_Lawsuit_Claims___AndroGel___Axiron_Lawsuit_CenterWith the number of lawsuits involving Testosterone hormone boosting treatments such as Androgel and Testim growing a top law firm have launched an informative website aimed at men who are considering a claim of their own.

The new site  www.testosteronelawsuitclaims.com  has been launched by Bernstein Liebhard LLP

It includes details and the progress of existing claims, it also helps show potential claimants just how to process and file a claim of their own, in particular ones that have resulted from the use of a number of prescription treatments including Androgel, Testim and another product called Axiron.

Existing claims have blamed the use of these prescription only products for potentially dangerous side effects that include heart attacks, strokes and dangerous blood clots.

The law firm told Newswire

“Our Firm continues to hear from men who allegedly sustained strokes, heart attacks, and other side effects stemming from prescription”Low T” treatment therapies, so we recognized the importance of launching a website that provides them with the information they need to file a testosterone lawsuit,”

The FDA have promised a review and investigation of prescription based treatments, hoping to reduce the side effects of these type of prescription products.

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