Testosterone Injections

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Risks And Benefits Of Testosterone Injections

Low levels of testosterone can be detrimental to a mans general health and well being… after seeing a doctor (which should always be your first port of call) If you are found to have a low testosterone count after a blood test, they may well suggest a course of testosterone injections.


Testosterone injections are usually given directly into the muscles, often either in thethigh or the upper arm… the testosterone is then gradually absorbed through the muscles and finds its way into the bloodstream, where it gets to work.

Men suffering with Low Testosterone can often find themselves suffering with

  • Reduced Energy
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Increased Anger, Poor Moods
  • Excess Body Fat
  • Reduced Muscle Strength and Tone

Potential Benefits Of Testosterone Injections

The main purpose of these injections is to regulate and restore testosterone levels to that of a normal reading ( 300ml/dl or higher) users should then experience improved vitality, increased sex drive, more strength and muscle tone and an increased sperm count.

Users also report that they also enjoy better sleep quality and are generally more happier and relaxed.

Testosterone Injections can also help regulate body fat levels, men with low T are more likely to develop excess body fat, especially around the stomach area.

Costs Of Testosterone Injections

Costs are a major factor when considering testosterone injections, the average price for the injections and the follow up consultations is between $150 and $400 per month… some insurance policies do cover these costs, others do not… so its wise to check before undergoing any form of testosterone injection treatment.

Side Effects And Risks

Testosterone Injections are not suitable for all, these are powerful injections and can cause some risky side effects that include:

  • High Red Cell Blood Count ( A precursor to stroke and heart problems)
  • Heart Disease
  • Certain Cancers ( Breast And Prostate in particular)
  • Sleep Apnea

There are well documented reports of prescription testosterone treatments increasing the risks of heart attacks in some older users


Testosterone injections can offer benefits to some men, but they are only effective if you do have very low testosterone levels that are only diagnosed after a blood test, and given by a qualified Doctor.

There is an ever increasing number of ‘pop up clinics’ in the US that encourage men to have these injections regardless of whether they actually need them or not… Do Not Fall For This Obvious Scam, not only will they cost you money, if you do not medically need it, you will not see any benefits and could put yourself at extreme risk…

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