Testosterone Drugs Fail To Help Ejaculation Problems

Studies Show That Testosterone Drugs Do Not Improve Weak Ejaculations

Recent studies have shown that prescription testosterone replacement drugs failed to outperform placebo in random trials involving men with ejaculatory problems..

low-sperm-countThe study involved 76 men all aged over 26 all with ejaculatory problems.. they were given either 60mg of testosterone solution at 2% strength or a placebo over 4 month period..

Over the 16 week test period they were required to have at least four attempts of sexual intercourse with their wife/partner.. with scientists keeping a log of their sexual activity, testosterone and ejaculate levels..

Over the test period, 10 men dropped out of the study, when the results were examined on the remaining subjects the results showed very little difference between the group receiving the testosterone drugs and those who were given the placebo..

Shehzad Basaria MD one of the doctors involved in the study told us

“Our findings suggest physicians who are treating men with ejaculatory dysfunction need to look at other reasons for delayed ejaculation than hypogonadism,More research is needed to determine whether a longer course of testosterone therapy or other treatment options can benefit men with ejaculatory dysfunction.”

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Currently the general feeling amongst doctors is that while (without any doubt), increased testosterone levels can certainly help boost a man’s libido and sexual performance, there is currently no clinical evidence that drug based prescription testosterone therapy can actually help boost ejaculations and semen levels…

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