Testosterone Creams

Should I Be Using A Testosterone Cream

The Benefits And Side Effects of using This Form Of Treatment

If you are diagnosed with low testosterone ( Hypogonadism) your doctor has a number of treatment options that they could offer to you..

The most popular ( but the ones that attracts the most controversy) are gels and 541373-26814-13patches, but there are also topically applied creams that can be used to increase testosterone levels.

Testosterone treatments are usually prescribed if a blood test shows that testosterone levels have dropped below 300ml/dl… men with levels lower than that quite often experience reduced strength, energy, and poor sleep quality, they can also become irritable, often prone to angry outbursts and a noticeable drop in sex drive..

Testosterone creams are relatively simple to use, just apply to a clean, preferably hairless part of the body ( often the shoulders, upper arms, and in some cases, the abdomen)

It should never be applied directly to the genital area..and the area of application should be changed daily to stop irritation to the skin..

Side Effects Related To Testosterone Creams

As with any testosterone treatments, there are some reported side effects that may affect users..

The most common problems associated with testosterone creams are related to the urinary tract… users have reported problems when urinating, feeling the urge to go even when the bladder is empty and some even report blood in the urine…

More worrying is the link that has been shown between testosterone creams and enlarged prostate – with possible increases in prostate cancer being reported..

Other Skin Issues Can Include

  • Burning
  • Blistering
  • Itching
  • Soreness
  • Redness
  • Rash
  • Dry Skin
  • Increased Acne

Secondary Exposure

7_Unwanted_Side_Effects_of_Testosterone_CreamThe other issue with testosterone creams, (which is also common to gel type treatments) is the risk of subjecting those around you to the testosterone in the cream.. It is possible to pass the testosterone to your wife and your children by skin to skin contact, something that can result in some quite unpleasant side effects – in particular the young.

It is always essential that you wash your hands thoroughly after applying testosterone creams and also make sure that the area is covered with clothing at all times…

Popular Testosterone creams include First Testosterone, Cernos, Aquaviron, Androfil.


Any testosterone replacement therapy is a powerful medication that should be used only and strictly under a doctors guidance and prescription.. make sure that you discuss any health problems and medication that you are taking before undergoing this form of treatment…

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