Testosterone and Stress

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Testosterone and Stress

Discover How Stress Can Affect Your Testosterone Levels And How To Reduce Its Effects

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Ask anybody exactly what stress is and most people will reply by saying that it’s mainly anxiety or worry caused by pressures at work, or struggling to pay bills, or health concerns….and for most people they are right….

Stress can quite easily be summed up in a nut shell…. its the bodies natural reaction to a challenge.. going further, this reaction to a challenge can be separated into two types of stress:

Long Term Stress

The type we mentioned above.. maybe you have a demanding job where your boss keeps making unreasonable demands or high targets that are seemingly impossible to live up to…

Maybe things are hard financially and you worry day and night about being able to pay your rent and all the other bills….

Short Term Stress

A short, or sudden challenge that triggers your body to release stress hormones so you can tackle the problem ( fight or flight ) overall these kinds of situations are not normally detrimental to your health and in fact some experts agree that a certain amount of this kind of stress actually boosts health.

Its the long term exposure to stress that can be harmful to your health.. by keeping the levels of your stress hormones high for extended periods of time, you body can suffer both physically and mentally..

Its this type of stress that plays havoc with your endocrine system and ultimately can affect your testosterone production.

There is a couple of reasons why exposure to long term stress can reduce your testosterone levels… the first is that the main stress hormone Cortisol has a profound affect on the testosterone releasing affects of both the leidig cells in the testicles as well as the hypothalamus.

The second reason is that cortisol requires cholesterol to be synthesised…

When cortisol increases dramatically during stressful times, more cholesterol is used to create cortisol instead of its usual use in the production of testosterone – hence the reduction of testosterone.

Research Into Stress And Testosterone

There has been numerous studies that look into the effects of stress on testosterone production…

Some have been carried on animals, while many have actually been carried out on human test subjects, these include those who have served in the military as well as professional doctors and other men from all walks of life.

Sample Studies

Study 1 –

Study 2 – 

Study 3 –

Study 4 –

Study 5 – 

Pretty much all these studies have shown that increased levels of cortisol mean reduced testosterone levels..

It can also have the same effect after surgery, when the body is subjected to physical stress

Read Study – 

Keeping Your Stress Under Controlstress-ball-factory-worker-stabby

It goes without saying that if you are under immense stress, there is very little that can help, but here are a few hints that can help to keep things more under control and to stop that stress decimating your testosterone production totally.

Meditate or Take Relaxation Classes – studies prove that these are very effective..

Take Gentle Exercise – Walk Daily – avoid intensive exercising as this can increase stress

Take Vitamin C daily – studies show that this helps reduce cortisol and heals any cellular damage

Eat More Carbs – A low carb diet can increase cortisol

Sleep More – Not always easy when stressed, but a great de-stresser if you can..


There is no magic cure for stress, but it can be brought under control by managing it better…what ever you do, try to reduce the stress in your life, as without any doubt, your testosterone levels will suffer for sure..

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