Testosterone and Sodium Bicarbonate

(Last Updated On: July 15, 2018)

Could Simple Baking Soda Really Help Boost Your Testosterone?

Sodium Bicarbonate ( A.K.A Baking Soda) isn’t the first thing that you would probably think about when looking at supplements to help boost your testosterone… after all, isn’t it something that bakers use when making bread and cakes??

how-to-use-baking-soda-to-clean-face-skin-clean-your-hair-whiten-your-teethBut you will be surprised, we recently came across a great article that looked into the facts about this rather unappreciated ingredient, and it turns out that Baking Soda could actually help boost your energy, your testosterone levels and make your androgen receptors more responsive to DHT and testosterone.

“Did you also know that Baking Soda is an effective energy booster And Preworkout supplement?”

the way it works is actually really simple…

It is a natural PH buffer, which makes your muscles more alkaline during workouts.. this helps to increase oxygen uptake, reduce lactic acid and also help boost strength and performance.

But Can Baking Soda Help Boost Testosterone?

There has actually been a number of studies and Baking Soda has been shown to act as a molecular switch to cyclic adenosine monosphate (A.K.A cAMP)

For those that don’t know, cAMP is a messenger between hormones and cells, and there is a number of studies that actually show that increased cAMP levels will actually lead to increase testosterone..

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It has also been shown to boost sperm motility

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The Effects of cAMP

cAMP promotes the release of protein kinase A (PKA) an enzyme that helps to control and regulate sugar, glucocen and lipid metabolism in the androgen receptors….

Studies have shown that elevated PKA can help boost the sensitivity of androgne receptors and alongside this, the increased use of male hormones ( such as testosterone) from the blood stream

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Its amazing to discover that a simple everyday ingredient such as Baking soda has been shown to be a great energy booster, pre workout supplement.

More importantly it can actually help (by its effects on cAMP and PKA) to boost testosterone production with all the associated benefits….

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