Testosterone and Pheromones

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Can Using Pheromones Really Boost Testosterone Levels By 150%?

What Are Pheromones

Pheromones are natural chemicals that are released into the air by plants, insects and humans in response to certain triggers….

Their release can spark a change in how our Immune, Endocrine, and Inflammatory systems along with our behaviour works and reacts..


Pheromones have been marketed by so called ‘love doctors‘, claiming that their use makes it easier for both men and women to attract members of the opposite sex.

In fact have you ever wondered, just how some guys seem to be like a magnet to women while others struggle to get a look in?? – this could be the answer….

Common Pheromones

Androstenone is commonly known as the “male pheromone”, since its secreted mainly by men.

Androstadienone is a metabolite of testosterone that is secreted through the sweat of a man.

Androstenol is known as the “female pheromone”, since its secreted mainly by women.

Estratetraenol is a metabolite of estrogen that is secreted through the sweat of a woman.

Copulins are chemical pheromones present in women’s vaginal fluid

The Facts About Pheromones


Despite your (and our) natural scepticism, there are many clinical studies that do actually support the claims made by some of the manufacturers…..

One study ( Read It Here -)  involved 50 men who were exposed to Copulins.. ( the pheromone released by women during ovulation)

… It was demonstrated in the study that just a small amount of Copulins triggered an almost immediate increase in testosterone production (up to 150%)..

Three other separate studies have recorded similar effects :

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Study 1 – 

Study 2 – 

Study 3 – 


Despite our original reservations about the ‘so called effects’ of pheromones, it does seem that there is some scientific weight behind the marketing hype….

We do say this… that using pheromones will not necessarily make you an instant ‘babe magnet’, but their effects could provide you with much a needed testosterone boost, and that is definitely something to consider…..

(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

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