Testosterone and Dieting

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

How To Maintain Testosterone Levels While Losing Weight

Studies have proved that men with lower levels of body fat have on average higher levels of testosterone in their body…. Reducing body fat is one of the best ways to increase your natural testosterone levels HOWEVER…. during the weight loss process its more likely that your testosterone levels will fall…

fat man low testosterone

The Reason

In order to lose unwanted fat, your body has to burn more calories than it consumes.. in other word, it has to be in a state of calorific deficit….

When our body is struggling for calories to provide energy it does two things…. Our bodies become naturally stressed which increases the natural production of certain stress hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol and epinephrine…and its well known that greater levels of these hormones generally means less testosterone is being produced…

It also slows the certain bodily processes to conserve energy.. this will include the reproductive system which again has a direct effect on testosterone production.

Read details of a study that compares the effect of calorie deficiency on testosterone production –

Another factor to consider is the thyroid gland… when we eat less calories, the body also slows the release of thyroid hormones in particular T3, T4 and TSH..

Studies have shown beyond any doubt that reductions in these hormones also leads to a dramatic drop in testosterone production

Read Details Of A Study That confirms the link between Thyroid Hormone and Testosterone Levels –

To Sum It All Up

Guys with a lower body fat % have dramatically higher testosterone levels naturally.. but getting your body fat down is very hard on your natural hormone production

How To Cut Body Fat And Keep Your Testosterone Levels Up

Eat Sufficient Carbohydrates


If you want to start dieting, the first thing that most people start with is cutting down on the carb intake… and to be honest, if you keep in a calorie deficit, it’s a sure fire way to lose unwanted fat…

However.. if you want to keep your testosterone levels up and maintain muscle mass its not necessary the best way… Studies have shown that reducing carb intake can have a detrimental effect on testosterone production.

Carbs are crucial for testosterone.. as the body receives less carbs, it responds by increasing stress hormone production ( we have covered earlier in the article the effect that these have on testosterone production)

Glucose comes from starchy carbs, and the higher the levels of glucose in the body, the more testosterone we make.. this is due to the behaviour of GnRH – a major precursor to testosterone. in simple terms the more glucose we have, the more GnRH we produce which naturally increases testosterone synthesis.

Experts do suggest that you still try to get around 25% of your calorie intake from starchy carbs when cutting fat

Eat Peppers

Try and eat peppers or chills in your diet… Why you may ask?? peppers contain a compound called capsaicin.. it is the think that gives peppers and chilies their heat.

Studies have shown that daily supplementation with capsaicin actually helps to protect the testosterone producing cells in the testes from the stress caused by being calorie deficient.

The studies have (so far) only been carried out on Rats or mice, but we do share quite simile digestive and reproductive systems and what works in Rodents usually records the same results in humans.

Read one of the studies here

Spicy Foods Help Increase Testosterone

Time magazine tells us about a French Study (titled ‘Some Like It Hot’ ) published in the Physiology and Behaviour Journal has today revealed that men who eat chills or peppers are more likely to have higher testosterone levels and also that they tend to perform better during sex.

chilli pepper boosts testosterone


Scientists from the University Of Grenoble followed 114 men all aged between 18 and 44 years old as they were fed a meal of mashed potatoes with salt and a spicy pepper sauce..

After taking saliva samples after the meal, it was clearly apparent that the men who eat more of the pepper sauce had greater levels of testosterone in their saliva…

The spicy component in peppers is capsaicin – and it is this compound that is believed to cause the hormonal increase…

Although the effect of the hot pepper now recognised. the exact reason for its boosting action is still unknown…. one of the study authors (Laurent Begue) told us “ A wide range of factors, including genetic, social, physiological and psychological all influence the liking and consumption of foods containing capsaicin”

What Does This Mean

Quite Simply… If you want to see some benefits beneath the sheets – eat plenty of peppers!!!!

Read The ‘Time’ Article Here 

Ensure You Get Enough Cholesterol and Dietary Fat


The first thing that most men do when trying to cut fat is avoid eating dietary fats and cholesterol…. of course, fat is pretty high in cholesterol but it’s certainly not the way to go if you want to lose weight yet protect your testosterone and muscle mass.

Testosterone is a lipid based hormone.. this means that it’s production needs good levels of fatty acids and cholesterol.. the leidig cells in the testes actually use cholesterol to turn into free testosterone

Studies have shown that low fat diets reduce testosterone and diets higher in fats actually increase testosterone –

read details of one study here – 

Always try and get at least 28% of your daily calories from foods congaing dietary fats and cholesterol

Think Before You Exercise

We all know that the amount of food consumed is the key to effective weight loss, and you can speed results by exercising… you do need to be careful however, as some forms of exercises can seriously reduce your testosterone levels.. especially when your body is under increased pressure because you are restricting calorie intake.


For example.. you might feel that spending 30-60 minutes on a treadmill or cross trainer is doing you good… and for the sake of burning extra calories.. there is no doubt that it will certainly help….

HOWEVER.. this form of aerobic exercise also increases the production of stress hormones (cortisol etc) and we have already explained that increased cortisol = reduced testosterone.

Pushing weights is fine, but you need to keep your workouts short and intense…. use heavier weight than you might be used to but keep the repetitions small and short… instead of doing 3 sets of 12-15 lifts…. try 4 or 5 sets of 6… ensure that you use multi joint movements – (lifts, pushes squats and pull downs)

Remember – you need to reduce stress hormone release.. not encourage it… so give long periods of aerobic exercise a wide berth while cutting fat if you want to preserve your testosterone levels.

Intermittent Fasting

There has been lots of articles telling us that eating small meals up to 6 times a day can help boost metabolism and therefore help boost fat reduction….

This is totally incorrect… numerous studies have proven that eating regular meals 3 times a day is every bit as good, and probably better at boosting metabolism…

The other thing to consider is that each and every time we eat, regardless of what it is….our testosterone levels drop…this is due to the increases of two other hormones – Insulin and leptin..


So why would you eat 6 times a day, given the fact that you would be reducing your testosterone each time too.. its mad to think that this has any real benefit….

Eating regular meals a couple of times a day has actually been shown to boost testosterone by up to 180% in men once they have reduced their body fat %.

It’s the calorie intake that is key when losing weight…. One diet plan that seems to work for many people is the 52 diet… basically you eat normally (but sensibly) for 5 days of each week – keeping to recommended calorie intake of 2500 calories per day (2000 for women) and then for 2 days of each week drop the calorie intake down to just 600…

It has been proven to work for many thousands of men and women.. you are only depriving yourself for one day at a time which certainly has less effect on you (stress wise)… you can choose what days to fast ( we suggest maybe a tuesday and thursday as an example)

This study confirms the benefits of intermittent fasting on testosterone levels – Read it Here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Pituitary-testicular+axis+in+obese+men+during+short-term+fasting.

The Fast Way Or The Slow Way

The two ways of losing weight are the fast way or slow way.. if you want to do it quickly then you need to reduce your calorie intake by around 25-30% of your regular daily requirement..

This will give you quick results, but during this period, you will suffer from increased stress and reduced testosterone along with possible muscle mass reduction…..

The good thing with this method is that you don’t have to suffer the effects for too long, nd we would recommend 25% as the maximum reduction to help protect your testosterone levels as much as possible

If you take a slower approach (reduce daily calorie intake by 15% for example), you will not suffer as many noticeable side effects, and your hormone levels will remain closer to normal levels but you will need to endure the effects for just that little bit longer to achieve the same results


To lose weight and yet protect your testosterone levels you need to:

  • Eat Enough Fat and Cholesterol
  • Remember To Eat Some Carbs Too
  • Try Eating Red Peppers Or Chilli’s – or Supplement With Capsaicin
  • Keep Any Exercise Short and Intense
  • Reduce How Many Times You Eat Per Day

20 Foods That Boost Testosterone Naturally


There is a saying ‘You are what you eat’ and nothing could be more true as when talking about your diet and testosterone production..

In these days of fast and convenience foods, we can often forget to eat the natural food stuffs that are actually good for us.

Testosterone production is one particular area that is without doubt affected by our diet and by being better informed and adding the correct foods into our diet, we can certainly slow the natural reduction in testosterone levels and even help to boost its production.

Some on the list are well known for their abilities and others maybe new to you… give them a try, you could be amazed at the results.

20 Testosterone Boosting Foods

Brussel SproutsBrussels-sprouts-vegetable-system1

Not everyones favourite vegetable but these are packed with a compound called DIM (Indole-3-carbinol) this helps to boost testosterone levels by reducing the aromatase effect in the body.. this is where free testosterone is actually changed into Estrogen – the deadly enemy of testosterone (DIM is also found in broccoli and spinach)

Studies have shown that eating a diet with high levels of DIM can reduce estrogen by up to 50% – a massive positive for testosterone production

More About DIM


High in Potassium, Vitamin E and Folic Acid.. Aspargus has long been considered to be a worthy aphrodisiac and effective at increasing metabolism… Experts all agree that eating asparagus is a good way to boost testosterone levels.

ChiaSeedsChia Seeds

Many of you may never have heard of these, but take note, they are highly effective at boosting testosterone levels. Highly androgenic, these have been used by south american tribes for centuries to boost energy and libido

Lean Red Meat

A good cut of lean red meat is packed with many minerals and vitamins especially Zinc..this is a key ingredient absolutely essential for maximising testosterone production. It is also highly effective at boosting semen volume and sperm count. Choose Grass Fed Meats for maximum effect

More About Zinc 


High in Resveratrol and Calcium-D-Glucarate – the latter is good at controlling estrogen levels while the former has been proven to help increase natural testosterone production


High in an enzyme called Bromelain ( also found in pineapples) this is well known for its reported ability to boost testosterone – a favourite with bodybuilders of years gone by (before todays modern day supplements)

More About Bromelain


Studies have shown that test animals fed with onion juice experienced tremendous gains in testosterone production as well as increased sperm quality


Excellent addition to foods, tests have proven that adding ginger to your food can boost testosterone levels in infertile men

More About Ginger


A firm favourite – already recognised for its ability to boost nitric oxide – essential for erection quality.

One study carried out in turkey did demonstrate an amazing 21% increase in testosterone production in subjects given pomegranate daily – the actual amounts and timescale of this study are unknown however this is a tremendous gain and one that should not be overlooked


Has well documented anti estrogenic effects and also high in magnesium, and Vitamins E and C – Essential for testosterone production


Raw honey is high in bromelian ( also found in pineapple and bananas) this is proven to give a massive boost to testosterone production


Full of Vitamins A, K and C.. also contains good levels of DIM ( same as broccoli) essential for controlling estrogen

Red Wine

Do we ever need an excuse to drink red wine? Its very high in resveratrol which is proven to boost testosterone levels..


High in saturated fat and cholesterol – both essential for testosterone production


High in a compound called citrulline – this is a vasodilator that can help improve erection quality. It has been recognised that increased sexual activity can boost testosterone production – a win win situation.


Especially the common button type are packed with essential vitamin D (one of the best T-boosting compounds of all) they are also anti-estrogenic

More About Vitamin D


known for their aphrodisiac properties, Oysters are packed with Zinc – in fact more that lean red beef.. Zinc is crucial for testosterone production and sperm quality.

More About Oysters


Adding garlic to your diet will help to reduce stress and boost testosterone – especially effective when eating a high protein diet


High in a compound known as saponins.. these stimulate the pituitary gland which increases its

production of LH (luetinizing Hormone) this in turn encourages the leidig cells (found in the testes) to produce increased amounts of testosterone

Pure ChocolatePure-Chocolate-ws-flavor__50976.1411079803.1280.1280

Known for being an effective aphrodisiac, good quality raw chocolate contains massive amounts of Zinc, Magnesium, arginine and manganese all essential for testosterone production, known for its ability to clean and open arteries to boost bloodflow. (good for sexual responses).

Natural Testosterone Supplements

Extracts of many of these can also be found in some of the better natural testosterone boosting supplements, so if you don’t like a particular food stuff ( for example Oysters) you can still get the benefits by taking a supplement containing its extract.

More About Natural Testosterone Boosters


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