Testosterone And Cholesterol

Testosterone And Cholesterol

Can Testosterone Treatments Effect Cholesterol

Another problem that can affect us as we get a little older is the risk of increased cholesterol… this if left untreated can increase the risk of heart problems and other health problems…..

Both testosterone and cholesterol share similar chemical structures, both are steroids and play crucial roles in the body… Cholesterol is present in virtually every cell… it is moleculesresponsible for determining which molecule can enter the cell and has a direct link to testosterone synthesis..


A recent study at Harvard university  has suggested that there is a complex relationship between testosterone and cholesterol… Men who received treatment with drug based testosterone replacement therapy were also found to have reduced levels of LDL cholesterol( the good stuff) and increased levels of HDL Cholesterol ( the type that can cause cardiovascular disease)

Extra testosterone was found to affect blood levels of both HDL, Total cholesterol as well as the enzyme responsible for cholesterol production,

The study determined that treatment with actual testosterone (TRT) is in many cases inadvisable.. the associated health risks are too great..

Instead you should try and boost testosterone naturally…

Here are the 6 points suggested by the guys at Harvard.

Exercise – working out, or even a daily walk, can help burn calories, and trigger the release of testosterone.. a study showed that lifting weights for instance can help boost testosterone production by as much as 49%

Drink Less – Drinking alcohol can have a detrimental effect on your testosterone production – especially as you start to get older.

Reduce Stress – another killer for testosterone, stress releases hormones that can reduce testosterone production

Eat Good Fats – The international journal of sports medicine has reported that men who eat good fats also have higher levels of natural testosterone

Get Some Sleep – If you sleep just 5 hours a night over a continuous 7 day period, your testosterone levels can drop by as much as 15%

Take A Natural T-Booster – Unlike prescription or drug based TRT treatments, natural T-boosters contain selected vitamins, compounds and minerals that work with the body to promote the natural release of your own natural testosterone… highly effective and totally safe ( unlike TRT) A good natural T-booster can improve many aspects of your life – reduced body fat, improved sleep, muscle tone, strength and not forgetting sex drive too

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