Testoril Review

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2019)

Does Testoril Really Deliver Effective Results

 What Is Testoril

Testoril is a naturally formulated testosterone booster sold on line by Premium Nutraceuticals LLC It is sold with the promise that it will help you fight back against the ageing process, helping you to regain the energy, confidence and sex drive of your youth.. testoril

The Ingredients In Testoril

The formula in any product is crucial, this is possibly more important in testosterone boosters than many other male health product… The makers are rather vague when it comes down to whats in the formula.. not so much the actual ingredients which are:

  • Testofen – an extract of fenugreek
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

The problem is that they do not show any information on just how much of these ingredients are included in each dose.

Taking Testoril

Again there is no actual dosage discussed on the official website ( that we could find anyway).. we do know that each box contains 60 capsules so we can assume that the dose is 2 capsules a day….

Users Feedback

The official website has no customer reviews whatsoever… the product is however endorsed by Professional Golf stars Mark Calcavecchia and Brain Gay.

Looking elsewhere, the few reviews that we could find were rather mixed, with most ( it has to be said) not that favourable….

Some users did experience a slight increase in libido, but nothing like the results promised by the makers..

Sample Review Courtesy of Amazon


Where To Buy

You can buy from the official website, and also from the regular sources like Amazon and Ebay Expect to pay around $94 for a months supply

Any Guarantees

If you buy direct, the makers will provide a 68 day cash back guarantee, this allows you to try the product for 60 days and gives you a further 8 days to return.. You will not be refunded any shipping charges so it is not actually a 100% cash guarantee as claimed


There are a large number of reports of customers trying to cancel their subscriptions with Testoril after trying the free offer… many have reported trouble (a) getting through to the company and (b) stopping the orders being delivered and their credit card being charged..

Read Some Testoril Complaints

Our Thoughts

When you first land on the official website, it looks really professional, there are numerous pictures of ‘doctors’ everywhere that does give you the distinct feeling that this is medically approved and that it should work really well. They give you an awful lot of information about Low Testosterone, its symptoms and effects, and to be really honest.. they have done a good job with this… its a shame that other companies are not as informative..

Looking at the product itself is where they really fall down… they are really vague about the ingredients, sure – they tell us whats in the mix, but not how much of each ingredient… without knowing this, we have no idea if this product is potent enough to actually work….

In the correct amounts, the ingredients in Testoril certainly have the potential and the clinical backing to to boost testosterone, but with this one, we have no idea if or just how effective it could be…the independent reviews that we have read do not give us much confidence at all

The study that they talk about on Testofen involved young fit males in their 20’s… this is when our T levels are at their peak anyway, so they were bound to see results… its a different matter when we are aged 40+ and our levels have dropped naturally.

Testoril is one of the most expensive products out there too… its asking a lot of potential buyers to invest so many of their hard earned dollars in a product that is potentially weak and ineffective even if on paper it could be so good…

We Just Do Not Know With This One…Hard To Recommend..

We Recommend

That you look elsewhere, yes Testoril has (on paper) the potential for good things, but many of the reviews tell us otherwise.. we have studied many of the more popular T boosting products out there and from this research have ( using a strict criteria) compiled our list of what we feel to be the best natural low Testosterone boosters available.. Our ratings have been decided after taking into account:

  • Ingredient profile
  • Users Feedback
  • Guarantees
  • Customer Service
  • Availability And Price.

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