(Last Updated On: February 18, 2019)

What Is Testofen? – Does It Really Boost Testosterone?

Testofen is the brand name for US based Gencor Pacific’s popular fenugreek extract..


it is a common ingredient that is found in many natural T-Boosters..

It’s official claims are that it can help:

  • Promote Healthy Sexual Performance And Satisfaction
  • Promotes Healthy Sexual Desire
  • Supports Free Testosterone Levels
  • Could Help Maintain Muscle Mass
  • May Help Reduce Body Fat

Testofen is a popular compound found in many natural testosterone boosting supplements, and its core ingredient Fenugreek has been clinically studied and has demonstrated some positive testosterone boosting effects.

Fenugreek contains over 100 phytochemical constituents, that includes Furostanol Saponins and Steroidal Saponins…

It has shown numerous health benefits that can include maintaining healthy sexual health and muscle mass.. it is all thought to boost the immune system.

Testofen contains a group of Saponin Glycosides that has been standardised and is known as Fenuside


Clinical Studies On Testofen

Testofen, or to be precise, its key ingredient of fenugreek has been subjected to some stringent clinical testing..

It has shown some quite promising results in tests and trials that have been carried out on both laboratory Rats and human test subjects.

A 2010 study of Testofen on Wistar Rats demonstrated an increase in muscle mass and body weight

A 2009 six week human study lasting 6 weeks was carried out on 60 healthy adult males… the trial in Australia saw the test subjects given a formulation that contained undisclosed amounts of Testofen..

The results did show a significant increase in sexual desire, performance and satisfaction in most test subjects..


Details of a new human study have just been released that confirm the testosterone boosting abilities of Testofen – you can read an abstract of this latest study here – 

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