Soy Protein Improves Testosterone Levels

(Last Updated On: June 24, 2014)

Soy Protein Helps Boost Testosterone Levels In Men With Type 2 Diabetes

Chicago June 23rd 2014

News feeds have just told us that a recent study presented at the joint meeting of the International Congress Of Endocrinology and the Endocrine Society demonstrated that there was “ there was also a significant improvement in glycemic control, triglyceride and C-reactive protein levels in a group given the soy protein/phytoestrogen combination.”

20140514093690519051The man behind the study – Thozhukat Sathyapalan MD from Hull York Medical School revealed that there was some significant effects  and benefits on men suffering with type 2 diabetes and low testosterone.

The Study

The study – a randomised, double blind parallel study saw 210 men – aged between 55 and 70 who were mildly obese ( average BMI of 32) and were suffering from both type 2 diabetes and low testosterone. They were given cereal bars twice a day for 90 days that contained either a mix of 7.5mg soy protein and 33mg phytoestrogens or just 7.5mg Soy protein.

The group who received both the Soy and the phytoestrogens recorded some improvements in serum testosterone levels plus improvements in diabetes and cardiometabolic risk.

The group taking just the soy protein bars also recorded improvements across all ranges, but were slightly less when compared to the soy/phytoestrogen combination.

Dialostic blood pressure was also reduced in both groups, but there was no reduction in Systolic blood pressure

The study was funded by the FSA ( Food Safety Agency) who are responsible for food safety in the UK.

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