Siberian Ginseng

Health Benefits Of Siberian Ginseng

 Commonly found In Testosterone boosters, But What Effect Does Siberian Ginseng Actually Have?

Siberian Ginseng ( otherwise known as Eleuthero, Eleutherococcus senticosus, or Ciwujioa) is a root extract often used in male supplementation to boost energy levels and ‘revitalize’ older individuals..

Thought to have anti stress properties it is generally considered to be an Adaptogen compound.

Commonly used in Chinese tradition medicine, it is also quite common to male healthSiberian-Ginseng supplements, particularly those aimed at increasing energy, and boosting low libido.

Main Components Of Siberian Ginseng

The Roots and the leaves ( the most common part to be used in supplements) contain many compounds, these include:

  • Eleutheroside B,E,E1 and E2
  • Ciwujianosides
  • Copteroside
  • Silphioside
  • Tauroside
  • Oplopanone
  • Chiisaoside
  • Gypsogenin
  • Cholrogenic Acid

Recommended Dose

The lowest daily dose of Siberian Ginseng to show results is 300mg per day with a daily maximum of up to 1200mg deemed to be acceptable.

Uses Of Siberian Ginseng

There have been some proven benefits (some minor) to be gained from the use of Siberian Ginseng, these include:

  • Decreasing LDL Cholesterol
  • Increasing Fat Oxidation
  • Decreasing Blood Sugar Levels
  • Increasing Immunity
  • Improving Cognitive function
  • Reduce Heart Arrythmia

Its main use however is to reduce fatigue and increase work capacity, especially after exercise or other forms of exertion.

getty_rf_photo_of_senior_man_doing_pushups_on_beachUse In Testosterone Boosters

Siberian Ginseng has no proven direct testosterone boosting effects, but it is commonly found in testosterone boosting products to work alongside the other ingredients to help maximise results and to increase the users energy levels…

This itself can help boost testosterone levels as the user generally feels more active, and the more exercise (or Sex) undertaken, the more that testosterone can be naturally increased..

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