(Last Updated On: November 20, 2014)

Can Selenium Boost Testosterone?

 A Common Ingredient Found In Numerous Testosterone Boosters, But What Affect Does Selenium Actually Have.??

Selenium is quite a common ingredient commonly found in health supplements… it is starting to appear in testosterone boosters more frequently, but is its inclusion worthwhile??

SeleniumSupplements_main_02What Is Selenium

Selenium is an essential mineral that is highly rated for its anti-oxidant properties, it is recognised for its ability to boost optimal health… It has been associated for its abilities to prevent certain cancers, but at the same time, when taken for extended periods of time, particularly at high doses it has been thought to actually increase some cancers in particular cancer of the prostate.

Selenium can take the form of various organic and non organic compounds… it is thought that doses up to 200ug can help reduce cancers, but doses of 1500ug and above have been found to increase certain cancer risks.


Selenium has shown pro diabetic properties and can aid glucose metabolism, but can have the opposite effect when taken over time..


A number of clinical studies have shone that selenium deficiency has been linked to serious diseases such as cancers, diabetes , HIV and tuberculosis,.. trials have demonstrated that supplementation with selenium can reduce cancers.. but these trials have only been carried out using Rats and Mice… Human trials have yet failed to show any cancer reducing properties.


Since 1996 there have been at least 7 studies that examined the possibility of selenium as an effective testosterone boosting compound

5 of these studies were carried out on human test subjects.

Of these trials, only 1 presented any increase in testosterone ( and this was very slight) the trial, carried out in Iran, followed 468 infertile men… they were given 200mg of selenium daily for 26 weeks which resulted in slight increases in 16% of the men tested.

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Despite numerous clinical trials, the scientific evidence tells us that overall, Selenium is virtually 100% ineffective when taken to try and boost testosterone and overall its use offers more health risks than benefits when taken for any extended period of time.

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