Schizandra Chinensis

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

Schizandra Chinensis As A Testosterone Booster

Found in a few testosterone boosting supplements, Schizandra Chinensis has been primarily used as a performance enhancer and as an adaptogen.

Also known as Omija, Omija Cha. Gomishi, Repnihat, Wuweizi. Lemonwood, Northern Magnolia Vine, Chinese Magnolia Vine and Matsbouzas238710064182666908_p51_i1_w350

Other Common Uses

Commonly used in Korea to help treat cardiovascular symptoms and menopause

Safe Doses

There is a distinct lack of clinical trials in the west, there have been more carried out In Russia, but these results have long been destroyed

It can be taken generally as a dried extract or brewed into teas and/or wine

studies ( below) saw doses of 91mg being take with no ill effect

Clinical Studies And Effects

There are two published studies into the effects of Schizandra Chinensis.. one looked at the effect it had on Nitric oxide production and the other on its effects on cortisol

The Nitric oxide study recorded a slight increase in serum nitric oxide..

The study involving 19 young athletes ( aged between 15 and 19) and 71 adult (18-29) athletes saw them take tablets containing 91.1 mg of Schizandra Chinensis 4 times a day

it was shown to produce an increase in circulating Nitric Oxide in saliva samples

Cortisol was increased in the younger athletes and decreased in the adult athletes.. the younger athletes did not experience such a spike in cortisol after exercise.


Schizandra Chinensisis largely made up of various Lignans and Triterpenes

Schizandra Chinensis and Testosterone

There has been no recorded trials or any evidence of any testosterone boosting effects gained by taking Schizandra Chinensis in supplement form..

It could however help boost endurance and reduce muscle fatigue if taken in the correct doses.

Increased Nitric Oxide can also help reverse erection problems in men suffering with erectile dysfunction

Read Clinical Trial –


Schizandra offers no proven testosterone boosting benefits.

It can however be used as a vasodilator which could help improve blood flow.

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