RSP Nutrition Z-Elite T-Booster Review

RSP Nutrition Z-Elite T-Booster Review

Boosts Testosterone While You Sleep – Or Does It?

Top supplement manufacturer RSP Nutrition make a rather interesting Testosterone booster that is aimed at boosting levels while you sleep……an interesting concept we thought, and certainly one that warranted further investigation.

The product is sold promising the following benefits:

  • Supports Healthy Sleep
  • Promotes Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Supports Muscle Recovery and Growth

Whats In The Formula

The makers fully disclose whats in their formula, each serving of Z-Elite contains the following:

  • Vitamin D3 200iu
  • Vitamin B6 12mg
  • Magnesium ASpartate 425mg
  • Zinc Monomethionine and Aspartate 35mg
  • Melatonin 3mg

How To Take Z-Elite

Men should take 3 capsules some 30-60 minutes before going to bed, this product is also unusual in the fact that it can also be taken by women*, who should take just 2 capsules

*Women who are nursing or pregnant should not take without first seeking advice from their doctor

Users Feedback

Feedback is sadly rather mixed, for every positive review there is another testimonial slating poor or no results… Its largest re-seller – bodybuilding[dot]com has a large number of mixed reviews.

Nobody really slates the product, just the fact that it didn’t perform quite as expected..

Reported Side Effects

There are no adverts effects being reported

Where To Buy Z-Elite

Our first port of call would be the afore mentioned bodybuilding[dot]com who sell a bottle containing 60 servings for just $17.97

Any Cash Back Guarantee

Sadly no guarantees are offered, mind you at this low price its almost a throw away product

Our Thoughts

The fact that this product can be taken by women rang some alarm bells with us straight away… it tells us that the formula is basic at best and does not contain any really strong testosterone boosting products..

That is not quite the case, as all the ingredients are well known and proven testosterone boosting compounds, and Melatonin is certainly useful when trying to promote some good sleep patterns…Vitamin D3 and the ZMA combination of Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc are all well know testosterone boosters…

Our issue is NOT with the ingredients used, but the strength or amount of some of them that are in the mix… take Vitamin D3 for instance.. this supplement uses 200iu…. to be honest, this is a tiny amount when compared to some of our recommended products that contain anything up to and including 5000iu…

The forms of Magnesium and Zinc (aspartate) aren’t the most effective either, we have found that the ‘citrate’ forms of both tend to be more effective, are more bioavailable and generally provide better results

Vitamin D3 also works really well, but it does tend to be more effective when mixed with other T-boosters such as D-Aspartic acid, Boron, Luteolin, amongst others, however these ingredients probably wouldn’t be that suitable for women…

This brings us to our opinion that Z-Elite could offer some mild results to anybody needing to slightly increase their testosterone levels, but it’s certainly not powerful enough to provide any real increase in testosterone production.. It might suit a man trying his first t-booster and it’s certainly ok for most women, but as a product that will deliver some dramatic increases in testosterone, we don’t believe that it will deliver the goods… its far to weakly formulated for that….

Weak And Generally Ineffective – Thats Our View

We recommend that you give Z-Elite a miss and instead check out our top rated T-boosters.. these products all use well balanced, clinically approved formulas that deliver some great results, whats more they all ask offer a cash back guarantee that assures buyers of a full refund should they be unhappy with the results.