Risks And Benefits Of Low Testosterone Treatments

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2018)

Benefits And Risks Of Low T Therapy

Having reduced testosterone levels can have a wide range of effects in a man, reduced energy, increased body fat, poor moods, sleep and a distinct lack of sexual desire or response are common side effects….

When required, it has been shown that prescription testosterone therapy (TRT) can help boost testosterone levels, restoring the mans sex drive and reducing the other effects associated with the problem.


Doctors are concerned however, that after the recent advertising campaigns that men take the condition seriously and fully discuss the problem with their doctors before embarking on any form of TRT.. Although effective for many men, there are risks and the long term effects of treatment are not proven..

Normal Testosterone Readings

Depending on his age, a mans testosterone reading should be in the region of 300 – 900 ng/dl ( nanogram to decilitre of blood).. experts agree that for most men, if their readings fall within that range, they would experience little or no benefit from TRT.

The readings however, may not tell the whole picture, as they provide the readings of total testosterone in the body….. more experienced doctors will instead check for the amount of Free Testosterone in the body, as this is considered to more indicative of low levels..

Benefits Of TRT

Free testosterone levels are almost exclusively linked to sex drive ( or in cases of low free testosterone – the lack of sex drive)

This for many men is the first thing that they notice and for them is without doubt the most important part of the treatment.. in fact this is the sole reason why so many men seek treatment..

TRT can help boost so many aspects of male health, studies have concerned its positive effects on conditions such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity to name but a few… there have been other studies that show a defined link between longevity and low testosterone… “Men with low testosterone levels are more likely to die earlier” says Michael Eisenberg MD, director of Mens Health Boston..

The benefits also include a reduction in body fat, and an increase in muscle mass… bone health is another area that can benefit from TRT, as it can help reduce the risks of Osteoporosis… Other experts also believe that it can help control blood sugar, which is crucial in the fight against diabetes.

Low testosterone levels have been linked to heart health, while it is not know ( and studies continue) if testosterone levels can actually cause heart problems, men suffering with low T can also have heart issues..

Experts do agree that for many men, TRT can be hugely beneficial, but any drug based treatment needs to be taken under strict guidance from doctors.

Risks Of TRT

Testosterone therapy can increase the red blood cell count, something that thickens the blood, which could lead to clotting, heart problems and the increased risk of strokes.


Side effects can also include increased acne, sleep apnea and also gynecomastia ( the growth of excess breast tissue AKA Man Boobs).

Although unproven to date, there is also the question of prostate enlargement and the possibility of prostate cancer…. doctors advise patients to have prostate checks every two years while on TRT

Men who use testosterone gels must make sure that they wash their hands thoroughly after applying the gel, to make sure that secondary exposure in particular to children or women is avoided.. this could cause early puberty and increased hair growth if affected.

It is recommended to avoid ‘skin to skin’ contact with women and children for at least 2 and possibly 4 hours after application.

There have been some well publicised lawsuits surrounding the use of testosterone gels in particular, the claims being that their use brought on heart attacks.

Experts Opinion

Most doctors agree that the benefits of prescription testosterone therapies do outweigh the risks, with the results enhancing many mens lives… that said the potential risks cannot and should not be ignored, and it is strongly recommended that if you are considering drug based testosterone therapy that you use it strictly under guidance and prescription from your doctor.

Go Natural

With all the risks and concerns that currently surround Prescription testosterone boosters, its well worth considering a natural Testosterone boosting supplement instead.. a good supplement uses proven natural ingredients that trigger your body into making more of your own natural testosterone.. this method is usually free from any adverse reactions and is in most cases just as effective – just without the risks.

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