Researchers Link Plasticisers To Low Testosterone and Infertility

Researchers Link Plasticisers To Low Testosterone and Infertility

A research team from national Cheng Kung University in Taiwan have just released details of a study that looked into the link between plasticisers found in everyday 201511170016t0001products and reduced testosterone levels and infertility in adult men.

Their study followed 259 infertile men and 39 fertile men who were recruited from childbirth classes between 2011 and 2014

The researchers measured the urinary concentrations of plasticisers in the test subjects along with their testicular functions to test and examine the link between the levels of industrial chemicals in the urine and the level of fertility in each man.

It was discovered that the infertile group of men had more than twice the levels of plasticisers in their urine than those men who were fertile..

The conclusion was that men who regularly use, who are exposed to industrial plasticisers such as phthalates ( often found in PVC products to improve flexibility and strength) do have a negative effect on reproductive systems with sufferers more likely to have reduced testosterone levels, and reduced see quality and motility.

These plasticisers can be found in many numerous everyday articles including hot and cold food containers, bags, boxes as well as some shampoos, shaving creams and colognes.

The full study can be read (pay per view) in the health and medicine journal ‘Human Reproduction’ –

Click here to obtain access to the article – 

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