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What Is Prolensis

Can This Ingredient Really Boost Testosterone?

Prolensis is the brand name for a plant extract commonly found in natural testosterone boosters…

Made by Sports Nutrition Research it is claimed that it will help boost testosterone levels, increasing muscle tone and strength and helping to reinvigorate a sluggish sex drive. prolensis

A native of South Africa, Prolensis is an extract taken from the Bulbine Natalensis plant..

Coming from the same family as Aloe Vera(Asphodelaceae) it is believed to have a wide range of uses.

The leaf sap is used by African native tribes to help heal wounds, reduce rashes and other skin irritations..

it is also used in these cultures as a treatment for mild burns.

In drink form it is said too help reduce sickness, diarrhoea and also reduce joint inflammation.

Prolensis And Testosterone

Prolensis (and more importantly, its key ingredient Bulbine Natalensis) is regularly found in the formulas of natural testosterone boosters.

The makers claim that it has demonstrated favourable effects on the production of testosterone and the reduction of estrogen..

Clinical Studies On Prolensis

There have been numerous studies that looked into the effects that the ingredients in Prolensis had on testosterone production…

With the exception of one human trial that did little except prove that the ingredient was largely safe for human consumption.

All the tests regarding testosterone production have been carried out on Wistar laboratory Rats..

The tests did show some positive results on the rats, with increased levels of both serum and testicular testosterone over a 14 day period…

More About The Tests And Studies On Bulbine Natalensis

Possible Risks and Side Effects


There are some concerns however about the affects of Prolensis on the body…

There have been indications that the Bulbine Natalensis in Prolensis could affect both the Liver and Kidney’s.

Its side effects have been compared to those often caused by the anabolic steroids commonly used by bodybuilders, and if taken, should always be cycled in a similar way to these potentially risky treatments.


There is no doubt that tests have indicated that taking Prolensis could have a positive effect on testosterone production….

It is hard however to ignore the reported risks to the liver etc and would suggest that caution is exercised when using any product that contains either Prolensis or Bulbine Natalensis..

We would recommend that you wait until further tests and trials have actually been carried out on human test subjects..

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