Prime Male Worldwide Launch

Prime Male Low Testosterone Supplement Now Available Worldwide

29th September 2014

The manufacturers of natural testosterone boosting supplement Prime Male have announced that their product has gone on worldwide sale this week…

2014-07-29 10.36.36With an ever growing awareness of the effects of low testosterone levels on the adult male aged 30 and above, the demand for testosterone boosters has never been greater, and with the numerous lawsuits being filed in the USA by patients who, after being prescribed drug based prescription testosterone therapy, have suffered adverse reactions including heart attacks proves the need for an effective and safe natural alternative.


With many hundreds of products available, we asked a spokesmen for Prime Male just what makes their product different to all the others already out there.

“ We agree that there are many natural testosterone boosting products out there, but when you take an in-depth look into many of these products formulas, you cannot ignore the scientific fact that many of the products are ill conceived and incorrectly formulated”

“We at Prime Male have spent over a year studying all the key ingredients commonly found in many natural Testosterone Boosters and it’s quite shocking to discover that many – in fact well over half of the ingredients commonly used, actually have no clinically proven testosterone boosting properties whatsoever..

We have read hundreds of in-depth clinical trials and studies and have, we believe, put together the optimum balance of clinically proven ingredients, that will provide any man aged over 40 and beyond the maximum benefits and results when trying to reverse the effects of low testosterone.

Each and every one of the ingredients in Prime Male has concrete clinical evidence behind it that confirms its uses and effectiveness, and we believe that our product is without the doubt, the best conceived and developed natural testosterone booster ever..”

Prime Male is now available for worldwide ordering direct from –

It costs in the region of $69 for a months course and buyers will benefit from an impressive 90 day cash back guarantee..

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