Prime Male Vs Testofuel

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Prime Male Vs Testofuel

Testofuel Or Prime Male – Which Is Best?

Today I put two of my top rated Testosterone boosters head to head to discover which one of them is right for YOU and your needs…

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Both supplements promise ( and deliver – according to customer feedback) users that their supplement will help users boost their natural testosterone levels, helping to increase muscle tone and strength, reduce body fat, improve sex drive and boost energy, concentration and general well being…

Testofuel was originally developed for guys who workout, it has proved itself many times over in helping users to deliver increased muscle mass, energy and strength..

Prime Male is more targeted towards men that are over 30, who can start to experience the effects of age related testosterone depletion that can reduce muscle tone, energy, sex drive, focus, sleep quality, as well as increased body fat….which all can be improved by taking Prime Male daily…

The Differences Between Testofuel and Prime Male

While both supplements target a different group of male users… the overall facts are that both supplements have been proven to work, and will in fact produce a testosterone increase in any man of any age..

The Formulas Compared.

There are some similarities between the two supplements.. both contain good levels of Vitamin D3, and DAA (D-aspartic acid) along with the recognised ZMA combination of Vitamin B6,  Magnesium and Zinc…- all proven t-boosting ingredients…

Following on from that.. Testofuel contains a specially selected mix of proven muscle building ingredients, that include Siberian Ginseng, Fenugreek, Oyster Extract ( which contains more essential zinc than lean red beef), and Vitamin K2…

Prime Male contains slightly less DAA than Testofuel, ( 1600mg vs 2300mg) but where it loses out a little bit there.. it more than makes up for the shortfall by using some of the best researched and clinically proven t-boosting ingredients in Luteolin, Boron, Mucuna Pruriens and Asian Red Ginseng… all have a clinically documented ability to boost low testosterone and improve the symptoms experienced by many of us.

Prime Male also uses the most bioavailable versions of Magnesium and Zinc..(citrate), these versions along with Bioperine (another ingredient in the mix), enables users to absorb the effective ingredients far more easily than the more standard versions of these ingredients..

Side Effects?

Neither supplement has produced any reported side effects

Prices and Guarantees

Prime Male starts at $69 for a full months supply, Testofuel is very slightly cheaper at $65… they both also have larger packages available at reduced prices and both brands also offer a similar 90 day cash back guarantee..

Buying Testofuel Or Prime Male

Both supplements are only available direct from the manufacturers official websites :


So Which is Best For Me?

As we said before, either will provide results regardless of your age or requirements, however.. if you are a keen athlete, sportsmen or bodybuilder, and want to enhance muscle mass, strength,and energy, then Testofuel is without doubt more suited to you and your needs..

If you are aged 35 or more and are experiencing the effects of low testosterone – (in particular reduced strength, energy, lack of sex drive and increased body fat) then Prime Male and its clinically approved formula is the one for you..

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