Prime Male Vs Test Worx

(Last Updated On: March 5, 2019)

Prime Male Vs Test Worx

Battle Of The T-Boosters.. Which One Is Best?

Today we put two popular testosterone boosters head to head to try and determine which ( if any) is best, and to decide which one we should recommend to our visitors..

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The two products under the microscope are Test Worx and Prime Male… both are popular natural supplements that together promise to reverse the symptoms and problems of low testosterone.

The Two Formulas

Taking a look at Test Worx first, the makers do not actually identify their ingredients (or the amounts of most of them) on their website…. we discovered during our research that the formula contains the following:

  • Zinc (20mg)
  • Pyridine-3-carboxamide (40mg)

plus an undisclosed proprietary blend totalling 955mg which contains unknown amounts of:

  • Longjack (LJ100)
  • Glyco Saponins
  • Tribulud Terrestris
  • Nettle Root
  • Maca
  • L-Arginine
  • Vitamin B12
  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate.

Prime Male on the other hand fully discloses and lists the ingredients both online and on the bottle:

  • Vitamin D3 5000iu
  • Vitamin K2 45mcg
  • Vitamin B6 7.5mg
  • Magnesium 100mg
  • Zinc 30mg
  • D-Aspartic acid 1600mg
  • Asian Red Ginseng 120mg
  • Luteolin 60mg
  • Mucina Pruriens 300mg
  • Nettle Root 160mg
  • Bioperine 10mg
  • Boron 5mg

Directions For Use

Prime Male should be taken as follows:

4 Capsules daily, one before each meal and the final one just before going to bed

Test Worx should be taken as follows:

Take 2 capsules twice a day for 5 days and then have 2 days off, before repeating

Users Feedback

Users Of Testx Worx are very mixed when it comes to reporting on their results.. for some it simply did not work, but a few did report an increase in energy levels and sex drive… overall, the general thought is that it’s not really worth the money…if its a plain and simple libido booster you want, there are cheaper products out there…

Prime Male on the other hand does have a virtually flawless customer testimonial record.. over 98% of users report some great improvements in all aspects of low testosterone – reduced body fat, more energy, better muscle tone and strength and that all important boost to sex drive

Price Comparison

Prime Male costs from $69.00 for a months supply – there are some larger packages available at discounted prices…

Test Worx is a little bit cheaper at $59.99 for a months supply

Cash Back Guarantees

Prime Male offers a 90 day cash back guarantee on orders… Test Worx also provides a guarantee, but it is a month shorter at only 60 days.

Final Conclusion

If a sluggish libido is your only concern, then both products do offer some benefits…. We are not however fans of companies who prefer to hide the amounts of each key ingredient in the formula – quite frankly you have no real idea what you are putting into your body, and even if there is actually enough of these ingredients to actually have any effect…

One of its key ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris… the fact are that this ingredients has FAILED in every single clinical trial to provide even a hint of an increase in testosterone… sure it can help boost sex drive in some users but thats about as far as it goes….

This is where Testworx ( in our opinion) comes a distant second to Prime Male…. Prime Male delivers an all encompassing formula that helps reduce all the effects of low T – not just a sluggish libido… its scientifically developed ingredient profile is fully disclosed – meaning that you know exactly what you are taking in each dose, it provides an extra months guarantee period, giving you ample time to try and experience the effects, and whats more it has a customer satisfaction rating of over 98%.

For Us – The Winner Is Prime Male By A Mile …..

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