Prime Male Low Testosterone Supplement

(Last Updated On: November 27, 2020)


Prime Male Low Testosterone Supplement

Could This Be The Best Natural Testosterone Booster For Men Aged 40+ in 2020?

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[Updated For 2020] Prime Male is the best selling, scientifically developed natural testosterone boosting supplement that is aimed primarily at men aged 40 and over.

The sole purpose of Prime Male is to tackle the unwelcome symptoms of one of life’s most unwanted signs of getting older – Reduced Testosterone Production.

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What many of us may not realise is that it’s quite natural for our natural testosterone production to start reducing by around 1-2% per year after we reach and pass the age of 30.

Slowly but surely most of us will start to notice the effects of this process by experiencing

  • Reduction in energy and strength
  • lowered immune system
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Reduced or in some cases complete lack of sex drive
  • Increased body fat
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Bad moods / poor concentration

Testosterone is what makes us a man and when it declines ( as it does in pretty much all of us as we get older) its effects as above can be quite detrimental to our well being…

Doctors can themselves offer drug based prescription treatments to help offset this problem, but the risks are only now being appreciated.

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Numerous products in the USA have been subjected to numerous lawsuits filed by users of their products who have experienced serious health problems including heart attacks and strokes after being prescribed these drug based treatments.

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Prime Male

Prime Male Is A Safe And 100% Natural Alternative To Prescription Testosterone Treatments.

Unlike these drug based therapies that deliver synthetic, man made testosterone into the body, a good natural T booster like Prime Male delivers nutrients, minerals and vitamins that trigger the body’s own production of testosterone.

This method has been proven to be safer and just as effective as the body is genetically used to its own natural testosterone and will not react badly to increased levels..

So Why Buy Prime Male?

Discover The 12 Key Benefits Of Taking Prime Male Daily:

  1. More Energy
  2. Increased Strength
  3. Reduced Body Fat
  4. Improved Mood
  5. Better Muscle Tone
  6. Boosted Sex Drive
  7. Reduced Blood Pressure
  8. Controlled Blood Sugar
  9. Optimal Prostate Health
  10. Improved Heart Health
  11. Tighter, Younger Looking Skin
  12. Improved Cognitive Function

Prime Male Official Video:

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The key is the ingredients and Prime Male ( unlike many companies out there) uses a fully disclosed formula that contains 12 natural ingredients that all have solid clinical evidence behind them.

‘Its Scientifically Proven That Men Who Take D-Aspartic Acid Daily Can Increase Their Testosterone Levels By Up To 42% In Just 12 Days’

They have proved their ability to boost testosterone and reduce the symptoms associated with the shortfall.

Each dose of Prime Male contains:


Each and every one of these ingredients in Prime Male has been proven in stringent clinical trials to be effective at both boosting testosterone and helping to reduce unwanted estrogen levels…

Taking Prime Male

Directions For Use

  • Starting Off

    The recommended way to take Prime Male is 4 capsules daily.
    Its recommended to spread these through the day to maintain the 24hr effectiveness of the nutrients.
    We suggest that you take one prime male capsule first thing in the morning, the 2nd just before lunch, the third mid afternoon and the final prime male capsule just before your evening meal.

  • How Long Do I Take Prime Male For?

    Prime Male was developed so men can take it for as long as they needed to ensure that their testosterone levels remain at their peak. As a minimum period, the makers do recommend that you take for at least 8 weeks.
    Many users continue to take a half dose permanently to maintain their testosterone levels once they have reached their desired levels.

Are There Any Side Effects

There have been no reported adverse reactions whatsoever from using Prime Male.

Users Feedback

It is (it has to be said) refreshing to find a product that simply oozes good results..

I could not honestly find one bad prime male review anywhere.

All users reported great things with steady increases in sex drive, energy and muscle tone all being enjoyed by users of Prime Male.

Sample reviews courtesy of prime

“If Its Good Enough For Hollywood Action Stars Its Good Enough For Anybody!”

Hollywood legend and action hero Dolph Lundgren tells us about his experiences with Prime Male:

Other Prime Male User Reviews:


prime male

prime male Testimonials

User Video Testimonial

We also discovered this video posted on youtube by a guy called Maxx telling about his experiences with prime male. Its definitely worth watching:

Prime Male FAQ’s

Q. What Is Prime Male?

Prime male is the results of extensive research by its makers Propura.

It has been formulated using 12 clinically proven ingredients that are perfect for men 30 years and older who are experiencing declining testosterone production.

The formula in Prime Male is (the makers claim – and we agree) the most potent of all low testosterone boosting supplements.

Q. Who Should Take Prime Male?

Prime Male has been formulated to help men over 30 reverse the effects of reduced testosterone decline.

As we get that little bit older, its not uncommon to experience a reduction in muscle tone. strength, energy, and sex drive.

Other problems can include, reduced bone density (opening the door to increased risk of fractures), depression, poor moods, irregular blood sugar levels and increased belly fat.

Q. What makes Prime Male Different?

The secret is in the formula. The R&D team at Propura left no stone unturned in their quest to find the most effective (and safe) natural T-boosting ingredients.

Prime male is currently the ONLY premium testosterone boosters to contain all 12 ingredients in both their best forms and at recommended doses.

Q. What Should I Be looking For The Choosing A Testosterone Supplement?

It should all be about the formula, ideally you want a product that contains these 12 ingredients in the same doses as Prime Male.

If you choose a product with smaller doses, you will not get all the benefits.

While on the subject of ingredients, if a product lists its formula as a proprietary ‘blend, complex or matrix’ then AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS!

Manufactures who use these methods often have something to hide and that is why they keep the dosages secret.

With Proprietary blends you have no idea just how much of each ingredient is in the mix.

Without knowing that crucial information, its impossible to know if there is actually enough of everything to have any effect. You know exactly what you are taking with prime male.

Q. How Do I Identify Low Testosterone?

If you are in your 30’s or older, especially if you get tired easily, feel weaker or maybe struggle to rise to the occasion in the bedroom, there is every chance that you are experiencing the effects of low Testosterone.

Common Symptoms can include:

Reduced Sex Drive
Erection Problems
Increased Body Fat (particularly around the stomach area)
Fatigue/No Energy
Lost Muscle Tone/Reduced Strength
Hair Loss
Mood Changes
Poor Sleep
Experts tell us that from around 30 years old, we lose between 1 and 2% of our natural testosterone production each year.

If you are 50 years old, your testosterone production could be as much as 40% lower than it was when you were in your twenties.

A simply blood test by your doctor can confirm the problem.

If your blood/testosterone reading is less than 300ng.dl you are considered to have Low T.

Q. What Health Benefits Should I Expect If I Take Prime Male?

Increasing your testosterone levels naturally with Prime male will help reduce the effects of all the issues listed above.
Adding muscle mass and decreasing body fat will give your vitality and self confidence a supreme boost.

Q. What About My Flagging Libido – Can Prime Male Give It A Boost?

A lack of sexual response and weak, or non existent erections are a classic sign of low T.

With testosterone being the key male sex hormone, increasing its production by taking prime male will have a marked effect on your sex drive, erection quality and performance between the sheets.

“Its not about what a product was designed to do, its what it can do”

Q. Can Prime Male Help Me Pack On Muscle Mass In The Gym?

Some one one said, “Its not about what a product was designed to do, its what it can do”, and Prime Male is a classic example.

Although it was not originally designed with keen bodybuilders in mind, the clever formula will no doubt help any gym going man to build larger, stronger muscles.

Studies have proved this fact with one group of men on testosterone booster saw muscle mass increases of over 20% in a relative short period of time

Q. How Do I Take Prime Male?

As detailed further up this review, the daily serving is 4 capsules per day, we suggest taking one at breakfast, the second late morning, the third mid afternoon and the final capsule with your evening meal.

Can I Take Prime Male If I Am A Vegan?

Yes the capsules are made from pant based materials, which unlike so many products that use animal based gelatin, makes it 100% safe and suitable for Vegans

Q. Is Prime Male Safe?

Absolutely, it is manufactured in an FDA approved facility that follows the good manufacturing practices.
Its purity and quality is assured.
It contains no harmful or synthetic ingredients.

Where To Buy Prime Male

You can only buy direct from the manufacturers.

They sell via the official website –

A months supply will cost you $69.00 (GBP £ 39.00) and there are some excellent savings to be had when ordering larger packages.

As a Best Buy I suggest the “Buy 3 and get one month free offer which costs $207” – see website for details

prime male t-booster

Why Buy Prime Male?

It’s not often that a product comes along that excited me as much as Prime Male. In the 5 years since its launch it’s proven itself to be far better than virtually all of its competitors.

With over 20 million men in the USA alone suffering with low testosterone. Its really good to know that there is a natural alternative to prescription Testosterone drugs that actually works without any health risks.

And that alternative is called Prime Male…

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