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(Last Updated On: April 29, 2019)

Prime Male New Formula Vs Old Formula – Whats Changed?

One of our top rated testosterone boosters has made some significant changes to its formula….The makers of Prime Male – Propura, made some changes earlier this year, intrigued as to their reasons, we got in touch with them to find out just why they had changed what already looked like a winning formula…

Heres What They Said:

You Have Removed Oyster Extract – Why?2014-07-29 10.36.36

There is no doubt that Oyster is a fantastic source of natural zinc….however we took the decision to replace Oyster extract with a more bioavailable version of pure elemental zinc known as Zinc Citrate (30mg per serving).. this is absorbed and processed by the body more readily than any other form of zinc… Another plus point is that now anybody with a shellfish allergy can also benefit from Prime Male

Why Take Out Fenugreek?

Research shows that fenugreek does have positive effects in the boosting of testosterone, however, it also is known for inhibiting the action of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (aka DHT)  This is the metabolite of testosterone thats responsible for increased performance and improved libido…

Studies suggest that DHT is actually 3-10 times more powerful that Testosterone itself, and experts believe that DHT is the key androgen, responsible for the development of the male sexual organs, libido,muscle growth, strength, along with hair and beard growth.. some things that you want to enhance – not inhibit

We replaced Fenugreek with a combination of Boron and Luteolin, which research clearly shows are far more effective at inhibiting estrogen and boosting levels of free testosterone

You Have Reduced the Dose Of D-Aspartic Acid – Why?

We have reduced the amount of D-AA per serving because we are now using an advanced form – this is known as D-AA-CC.. this is considerably more powerful and effective that conventional D-AA, – its also up to 75% more water soluble and you need a smaller amount to achieve the same effect and benefits..

The 1600mg of D-AA-CC  now in the formula is far more effective than the original 1800mg dose of regular D-AA that was in the original formulation..

You Have Added Boron – What Was Your Reasons For This?

Boron is one of those clinically proven dual action ingredients that significantly boosts free testosterone while at the same time, inhibiting estrogen production.. We believe that adding Boron dramatically improved the effectiveness of Prime Male and its ability to boost testosterone

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2014-07-29 10.39.01Why Did You Reduce The Amount of Magnesium Per Dose?

We have changed to a more bioavailable version called Magnesium Citrate.. this is absorbed far more easier and basically you need less to have the same effect

Why Add Luteolin To The Formula?

The citrus flavanoid Luteolin was discovered in a landmark study to be the most powerful aromatase inhibitors (Estrogen blockers) when tested alongside 1400 other compounds – a significant discovery…it reduces the bodies production of Estrogen, while at the same time stimulates androgens to produce more testosterone

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Overall, we believe that Prime Male is the finest, most researched, scientifically backed natural Testosterone booster available today……

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