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Prime Labs Prime Test Booster

Currently The Best Selling T-Booster On Amazon, But Just How Good Is Prime Test?

Prime Test Review

If you were to google top testosterone boosters, one product that will almost certainly show up in the search results is Prime Test. Made by US based Prime Labs it is a natural formulated testosterone booster that promises to revitalise and ‘restore your manhood’

Prime Test has been developed ( according to the manufacturers) to help any man, but particularly those over 30 regain some of their lost muscle tone, strength and libido that is know to decline as testosterone production naturally reduces with age.

Designed to help boost circulation, increase healthy blood flow and provide essential nutrients that are crucial to optimum testosterone production Prime Test uses an all natural formula that according to the manufacturers is unsurpassed for quality and effectiveness.

But whats the real story here?. Just how good is Prime Test – Lets Check It Out

The Formula In Prime Test

Ingredients are the single most important part of any T-booster – actually ANY supplement for that matter. 

Use the right ones in the right quantities and you are onto a winner, get them wrong, or simply do not use enough of the right ones and you are doomed to failure, frustration and disappointment.

The formula in Prime Test is a proprietary bend totalling 1484mg per serving.

The makers disclose the actual ingredients in the product but prefer to keep the actual amounts of each compound to themselves.

The total serving is made up of undisclosed amounts of:

  • Horny Goat Weed (Leaf)
  • Tongkat Ali (Root)
  • Saw Palmetto fruit extract
  • Orchic substance
  • Wild Yam Root extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate

prime test formula

How to Take Prime Test

The official recommendation is 2 caplets 1-2 times per day. Always take with water to speed and help absorption.

Each bottle contains 60 caplets, so at maximum dose, each bottle contains 15 days supply.

What Do Users Say About Prime Test

There is a lot of user reviews on amazon, now I always view these with a little bit of caution because amazon do have a reputation for using professional reviewers who are given products free in return for their  5 star ‘feedback’.

Now we have no idea just how genuine or accurate these are, so I tend too look at the middle rating reviews (3 star) instead as most of these do appear to be from genuine buyers.

Most users did not have anything bad to say about the product, they do talk about a noticeable energy boost, and improved focus.. I couldn’t however find much many reports of improved muscle mass, strength or libido, which are the main aims of any t-booster.

There were a few reports of increased blood pressure, and one guy did report an increase in feelings of rage – wether that was caused by the product or simply because he was angry at it having no effect, he didn’t specify.

Here are a few amazon reviews:

Medical Advice

Its always wise to consult with your doctor before taking any natural supplement, especially if you are on any long term medication. The ingredients could interact badly with other drugs.

This product is not recommended for anybody with heart or blood pressure problems

Buying Prime Test

Amazon does appear to be the main online stockist, here you can buy 60 caplets for $19.99 plus shipping costs ( Prime Members can get free shipping)

Any Cash Back Guarantee?

There does not appear to be any cash back guarantee offered with this product.

My Final Thoughts On Prime Test

I am not a great fan of manufacturers who prefer to hide their full details of the formula behind these undisclosed proprietary blends – they usually have something to hide in my opinion, be it a poor choice of ingredients, or in this case, probably tiny almost trace amounts of key compounds that are generally ineffective. 

Just do the maths, 7 ingredients into 1484mg – there cannot be much of anything in that small total serving.

The the makers do use a couple of good T-boosting ingredients – Boron for example and Nettle root – a great anti estrogenic, the majority of the other ingredients are largely geared towards libido, even though there aren’t many reviews that actually support its libido boosting claims.

I do not known why however, the makers have ignored virtually every recognised testosterone boosting ingredient – there is no Vitamin D3, No Vitamin B6, no Magnesium, Zinc or D-Aspartic acid in the mix. 

There is not a top flight T booster anywhere that does not contain all or certainly most of these – Why? Because they are scientifically recognised to be the most effective.

So the manufacturers decision to leave all of them out of the formula leaves me speechless.

Bottom Line – Its not going to hurt you if you take it ( as long as you don’t have any heart or blood pressure problems) and you might see some boost in energy and focus. 

Just do not expect this to be effective at boosting your muscle mass, strength or for that matter your sex drive. 

For that you need to be taking a top rated T-Booster:

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