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What Is Piperine : aka Black Pepper, What Benefits Can It Provide?

piperine uses and benefits

Piperine is a common ingredient that is found in many supplements. 

Most commonly listed under its commercial name Bioperine®, its main role is to enhance the effectiveness and absorption of the main ingredients.

Black Pepper has a well established history in traditional medicine. Through the centuries it has been used to treat various forms of illness including muscle spasms, headaches, fevers, and stomach/digestive issues.

Modern day studies have proven its effects and also the fact that the majority of its benefits are down to the presence of Piperine in its makeup.

Looking At Bioperine ® When Compared To Other Black Pepper Extract

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Bioperine® is a patented and standardised from of piperine that has been developed to provide the end user with sustainable quality and potency.

Standard Block Pepper extract is generally made up of 5-9% piperine. Whenever you see the word Piperine in an ingredient label, you cannot always be sure what concentration it may be.

If the manufacturer uses Bioperine, you can be assured that it is a high quality extract that is at least 95% pure piperine.


Piperine is an alkaloid present in black pepper that is responsible for the distinctive smell and taste. It was first isolated in 1820 by a Danish Chemist called Hans Christian Ørsted.

It does have several health boosting capabilities, but it is for its ability to boost and improve the bioavailability and absorption of the main ingredients in any given supplement.

Its effects have been proven in numerous studies. It works to improve absorption by reducing the effects of something called Multi-Drug-Resistance Protein (MDR1) – this is also called P-gp (P-Glycoprotein).

A natural defence system in the body, P-gp tends to eject foreign compounds form the bloodstream, but this process can also interfere with and prevent the absorption of certain drugs and natural compounds.

A classic example of this is turmeric, a popular natural ingredient that helps health on so many levels, yet when taken in food or as a supplement, very little actually makes it into the blood stream – that is unless piperine is also present.

“Taking Turmeric as one example – Piperine can improve its absorption by up to 2000%”

Other Effects Of Piperine

piperine weight loss

Alongside its absorption boosting effects, Piperine can also help in other ways:

It can increase thermogenesis, the process of increasing our natural metabolism, by increasing the body’s core temperature ever so slightly. 

This is used in weight loss products, especially fat burners, as the increase in metabolism triggers the body’s natural fat burning processes, it turns to stored body fat to make up any shortfall in energy reserves as the increase in metabolism leads to a need for more energy.

Calms Inflammation

PIperine is also known for its positive effects on inflammation, which makes it a good candidate for treating arthritis for instance. 

Its also another reason why piperine is found in many weight loss supplements too, as inflammation can also be caused by being obese.

Antioxidant Qualities

Piperine is also an effective anti oxidant, it can help clear and repair the damage caused by every day toxins called Free Radicals that can distrupt our normal cellular functions. 

They can also make us more prone to disease and can speed the ageing process.

In the brain for example, free radicals can have a detrimental effect on our brain cells and their key ability to function correctly, every day tasks such as learning, remembering and recalling facts can be reduced.

Now there are many compounds with anti oxidant benefits, many are found in fruits and vegetable extracts, some that are more powerful than piperine, but alongside its ability to help boost the absorption and key effects of main ingredients, its a fact that we shouldn’t overlook.

Moods And Brain Function

It is also thought to enhance moods as well as boost cognitive function. It does this because it has a MAO (Monoamine oxidase inhibiting ) function.

MAO’s are actually anti depressants and in drug form are used to treat panic attacks and certain phobias. they can improve the persons outlook on life and it is also believed to help boost the ability to learn and remember facts and figures.

There are some things to consider before taking anything with piperine/bioperine.

Some people have allergies to pepper, so obviously if this is the case, it needs to be avoided. 

Going further, piperine can interact with some medications, therefore if you have any long term health issues and are taking regular medication the its aways best to speak to a doctor before taking any supplement that contains Piperine/bioperine.

That said, if you are not allergic, or taking any long term medication, and want to burn fat, tone up your muscles, and boost your strength and sex drive a good t-booster will help.

 All The Best T-Boosting supplements Contain Bioperine®.

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