Pine Pollen – An Effective Testosterone Booster?

Pine Pollen – An Effective Testosterone Booster?

Can Pine Pollen Really Raise Testosterone Levels?

We have come across a number of testosterone boosters that contain an ingredient called Pine Pollen…. Intrigued about this ingredient, we have taken a good hard look at this ingredient to try and determine if it really does work

What Is Pine Pollenpaleo-pine-pollen-health

Pine Pollen is a supplement taken ( as the name suggests) from the pollen of Pine trees (genus Pinus).. the most common source is pinus sylvestris – better known as Scots Pine…this is largely due to the fact that some studies detected testosterone within its pollen..

Uses Of Pine Pollen

Pine Pollen is commonly used in chinese medicine, it is believed to have an anti-inflammatory properties ( not proven) that is used in the treatment of arthritis… It is however believed that the scots pine variety does not have this particular property..

Other Names For Pine Pollen

Pine pollen can also appear on supplement labels as:

  • pinus sylvestris
  • scots pine
  • scotch fir
  • scotch pine
  • douglas fir

Pine Pollen Composition

Pine pollen has been proven to contain Vitamin D3, Testosterone, Epitestosterone, and androtenedione.

Vitamin D3 is present at about 8iu per gm

Testosterone is present at the amount of 80ng/g… this is slightly more than the amount found in Royal Jelly but is still considered by many experts to be too low for any noticeable anabolic affects.

Studies And Effects

Studies do suggest a very mild anti-inflammatory effect, but evidence is very limited and the effects thought to be minimal at best… Larger than normal doses have been tried on test rodents under laboratory conditions, which have produced some respectable results…. There has been no human testing to date, neither has a safe dose been established.

read one study here –

read second study here – 

Pine Pollen does have an allergic effect on some users, but allergies to pine are not as commonplace as other tree varieties, so the problem should not be a serious one..

Is Pine Pollen An Effective Testosterone Booster

To date there has been no successful studies or any other documented evidence that demonstrates Pine Pollen supplementation as an effective testosterone/libido booster…

Until further testing has been undertaken, we suggest that you do not rely solely on any pine pollen supplements to boost your testosterone despite the manufacturers claims..

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