Pedalium Murex

(Last Updated On: April 15, 2014)

The Benefits And Effects Of Pedalium Murex

Pedalium Murex is a fruit bearing herb that is often confused with Tribulus Terrestris.. far less studied than Tribulus, it has been shown to have similar effects and benefits.

Pedalium Murex is also known as Dakhani Gokhru, Bada Gokhru, Large Caltrops and Pedalium-murex-plantYenugu Palleru

Recommended Doses

There is insufficient evidence in trials to suggest a defined and safe recommended dose.. in tests involving Rats, the dose of 200mg/kg does seem to the the optimum..

In Humans this calculates out at

2200mg for a 150lb person

3600mg for a 250lb person

Uses Of Pedalium Murex

When used in traditional medicine, the berries are mixed with a leaf mixture which is then consumed to hopefully provide an aphrodisiac effect.. It is also used in the treatment of animals with intestinal health issues.

Its main components and active ingredients are

  • Pedalin
  • Pedalitin
  • Diosgenin
  • Dinatoin Glycosides
  • Heptatriacontan -4-one
  • Quercetin ( from the flower)
  • 2’4’5’-trihydroxy-5,7-dimethoxy flavones


large-pedalium-murex-394704Clinical trials ( mostly involving Rats) have shown that Pedalium Murex could have benefits that can increase sperm motility, and boost urinary health.

It has also demonstrated a slight positive effect when used to treat stomach ulcers (again in Rats.)

Pedalium Murex As A Testosterone Booster

Pedalium Murex is believed to have testosterone boosting effects, it has however only been tested on Rats under clinical conditions…

Variable dose of between 50 and 150mg/kg  were given to rats for 28 days… the results did show some increases in serum testosterone with the levels noticeably higher in the rats given the higher dose.. these increases did actually remain for at least 25 days after the treatment ceased.

Read About The Study Here


Despite its positive results in labs tests with Wistar Rats, the distinct lack of any testing or references to its uses in humans leaves an awful lot in doubt… unless further evidence is released involving its uses and safety in humans, we suggest that Pedalium Murex be avoided for the foreseeable future…..

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