Panax Ginseng

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2018)

What Is Panax Ginseng?

The Health Benefits Of Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is one of the most studied forms of ginseng….

Often thought to be the true ginseng, it is commonly used in ancient chinese medicine with reported benefits that include the ability to enhance moods, cognitive function and immunity.


Also know as Korean Ginseng, White Ginseng, Mountian Ginseng, and both True and Asian Red Ginseng.. It is also sometimes called American Ginseng.

There are 13 plants in the panax group of plants, but only 5 are actually used in medicine..

The term ‘Panax’ comes from the greek word for ‘all healing’.. the root is the most widely used part of the plant.. it has an initial sweet taste that can turn quite bitter in the mouth.

Recommended Doses

General ‘preventative medicine’ uses doses of around 200-400mg daily… it is thought that at least 400mg per dose is needed to provide any benefits..

Uses Of Panax Ginseng

It has been studied for its effects on many health issues, it seems to be most effective when taken to treat

Blood Glucose – slight decreases in fasting blood glucose when taken by diabetics

Cognition – Increases in cognitive function has been studied in fatigued test subjects, the same results did not apply when taken by non fatigued individuals

Menopausal symptoms – has shown a tendency to boost libido in menopausal women

Erections – supplementation of 3000mg daily has shown some increases in erection capability… experts believe this is largely done to its anti fatigue affects and its ability to boost blood flow

Muscle Damage And Inflammation – a noticeable decrease in both inflammation and muscle damage has been shown in test subjects after exercise

Blood Flow – increased blood flow has been documented after supplementation with Panax

Sleep Quality – Panax Ginseng is found to have a positive effect on first night sleep patterns ( sleeping in strange place or bed) thought to be useful to regular travellers.

Panax Ginseng And Testosteronepanax-ginseng-extract

Studies have showed that supplementation with Panax Ginseng could help normalise low testosterone levels in men suffering with hypogonadism.

It has also shown positive test results when treating men with erectile dysfunction.

Read Test Results Here

It can help to reduce the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

It is thought that the Asian Red Ginseng is the most bio-available and therefore the most effective


Studies have concluded that most forms of Panax may have a positive effect on testosterone levels when taken by men suffering with hypogonadism especially when accompanied by erectile dysfunction….( but only to normalise levels and not increase them in any way).

In otherwise healthy males, its effects are less noticeable and largely ineffective.

The only exception to this rule appears to be the Asian Red Ginseng that has demonstrated some more effective results across the board.

May suit some users depending on their levels of testosterone..

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